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Doug Liman is Ready to do a Jumper Sequel, Possibly Naming it Impulse

I had a great time watching the film Jumper which starred Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell and Samuel L. Jackson back in 2008 and it looks like we’ll be getting a Jumper sequel sooner than later.


So The Wrap reports that Youtube Red has ordered a Jumper sequel which will be reportedly entitled Impulse. It’s pretty much the same title from the Steven Gould sequel to his Jumper novel.

The new series (not a one-off movie) will feature the teenage daughter of Christensen and Bilson’s character as she goes about life feeling ‘different’ from her peers. According to the report, after an attempted assault on her, the character manifests her abilities to ‘port. Pretty much like how Darth Vader’s powers appeared in the movie; a highly stressful event which could mean life or death.

Impulse has yet to begin but it looks interesting. Sadly we don’t have a screenplay or a main cast for the series. But that could all change in the coming weeks.


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