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Manila is Fire Nation! Hanging out with Dante Basco

So let’s cut to the chase, this happened earlier this week:



Yeah, he hit Manila. And he announced an impromptu meet and greet! So here I was, going gaga again, wanting to meet Rufio/Jake Long/Zuko in the flesh. Little did I know something more amazing will happen after that!




So there I was, waiting for the guy to arrive. Decided to grab a cup from Starbucks since it was a really hot day. Suddenly, there was a commotion outside, Dante just arrived. Then slowly, he went into Starbucks, did some Hi’s and Hello’s, and had an eye-to-eye moment with the Lost Boy, the American Dragon, the Prince of the Fire Nation! Great guy, he lined up in queue after me and complimented my specs, bruuuuuuh! What was he doing at SBC anyway? Oh, he just bought tons of cold beverages for almost EVERYONE who went to meet him! Prince of the Fire Nation alright!


Little did he know, one of the folks coming to meet him also planned a surprise: Greeting him clad in a Zuko cosplay with matching burn scars! Credits to local cosplayer Gelo Grayson for doing this awesome sauce!



After leaving Starbucks, Dante also signed Avatar stuff from some the fans who had to go ahead. Good guy Dante!



So there we were, enjoying Story time with Dante, in the middle of the Greenbelt 3 park. A few moments later, bloody security had us leave for the main reason that we are too many to occupy the place and might be terrorists. Seriously? With an actor in the middle? We gonna bomb the area? I’ll gladly say this in the most infamous line ever: DON’T ME *insert middle finger here*




So moved 2 blocks away, to a park named Washington Sycyp Park. Guess what, we had to move again. Same bloody reason, SMH. You guys do realize you’re doing a terrible job accommodating a Fil-Am actor right? Luckily that was our last migration, and we have finally landed in Fire Nation! Since I had nothing to have him autograph, I just had him sign my Venti Starbucks cup, to remember that we were in line, TOGETHER in  HONOR! And did I mention he’s shipping Zutara (Zuko~Kitara)? Yeah, he does.


Check out this video we made together for you guys! It’s AWESOME SAUCE!

Our dear wing man for the day also managed to get some action poses together with Dante, great going Gelo!


Last but not the least, Team Fanboy would like to extend our warmest thanks to Dante’s travel buddy and cousin, Nicholas “Nick” Oyzon! I had a great time hanging out with them, mainly because we were both documenting the hang out. He’s as awesome as his cousin is and they’re also running a Youtube channel together, you guys might want to check it out as well!



So that’s a wrap! The Dante Basco experience is complete, and we here at Team Fanboy are still in awe. Well, mainly me. Let’s wish these people a greater career run, and hoping to see them again! To quote Dante, “DRAGON UP!!!”


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