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Andrea Torres is the Only Saving Grace for Alyas Robin Hood

Ah yes Alyas Robin Hood Again. We know that this show ripped off Slade Wilson with Dennis Padilla as Wilson Chan but did you know that they have a saving grace and her name is Andrea Torres?

Alyas robin hood venus

So while we do not follow the show at all, we can already tell just how much bros would watch the show because of this Pinay beauty and Bubble Gang cast member.

Still not convinced you should watch Alyas Robin Hood solely for the purpose of seeing her onscreen? Check out the collaterals and her personal photos from Instagram and other social media outlets.

Yes we agree she’s very pretty and she definitely has a long way to go.

As the character Venus, she was written as somebody who would help our hero Oliver Queen err Macoy deliver street justice to the oppressed as a archer “Alyas Robin Hood”.


Alyas Robin Hood airs weeknights on GMA 7 and stars Dingdong Dantes.

Credits: Andrea Torres on Instagram

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