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New Photos of the JSA in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

CW has released four new stills from Legends of Tomorrow season 2 featuring the much awaited JSA or Justice Society of America.

justice society of america legends of tomorrow s233

This will pretty much be the team that we will be seeing for the rest of the season and hopefully beyond season 2.

We’ve got a rich roster too filled with classics and semi-new characters.


Dr. Mid-Nite has been race bent but we personally don’t mind. Vixen is also a part of the team but do take note that this is actually the current Vixen’s grandmother, which means we have two Vixens running around the DC TV-verse.

We also have Obsidian and Star-Girl. Obsidian is a link to a bigger heroic legacy him being the son of the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

stargirl and obsidian legends of tomorrow

Aside from being the favorite of Geoff Johns and the character that gave him his writing career in comics, Star Girl is also there to provide the needed voice of the youth. Although we may be jumping to conclusions.


We’ve got a few more days before the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 and we definitely need to see where the CW will be taking this merry band of heroes. Plus, its a great way to get to see the Justice Society of America.

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  1. November 30, 2016

    […] Wonder if John Wesley Shipp would actually join Legends of Tomorrow. That would be totally awesome and would totally complete the very old guard lacking JSA. […]

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