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Teen Titans Rebirth # 1 Spoilers

Story Time featuring Teen Titans Rebirth # 1 by Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers for DC Comics.


So this issue was one of the hotly anticipated titles since it was announced months ago. Also check out this one-shot’s variant cover.


Yeah, this isn’t actually the start of the volume, but rather a lead-in to Teen Titans # 1 which hasn’t been shipped out yet. Also another detail, the story takes place after the events of Detective Comics # 940.

So the issue begins with somebody stalking Gar Logan aka Beast Boy who is currently going crazy with booze and music to cover up the feeling of emptiness. He gets to go for a swim with a fan and because he’s a massive tool, scares her off by doing this in the pool.


Our “unknown” assailant uses this opportunity to stun Beast Boy…


In the Caribbean, we check in on Starfire who visits the place on a mission to foil a slavery ring that starts from Florida and ends in the area.


We get another acknowledgement that Tim Drake aka Red Robin is dead already and that it hurt Dick Grayson so much that he doesn’t want to leave Gotham City and join her.

So while she’s talking to the police officer about what to do regarding the slavery syndicate, Kori responds to a plea for help.


And just like that our assailant has two members of the Teen Titans.

The next target is Trigon’s daughter Raven who sneaks into a museum to find some sort of refuge.


Only to be tormented by the image of her pappy, Trigon in some of the paintings.


This bit of distraction is what the assailant uses to take out Raven, without a hitch.


Offender also claims that she could be one of the most powerful heroine in the DCU if not for her issues.

In Central City, Wally West sees a perp trying to run from the store he was about to passby. Wally uses the speed force and steals back the stolen cash. But before anybody can react, he is gone.


He responds to a fallen figure in the tunnel where we see him training to use his speed more efficiently. But there’s something wrong.


When the capture heroes wake up, they are curious how they got there and what exactly is happening. Their captor also knows exactly what to do, which is why Beast Boy could never escape.


Teen Titans Rebirth # 1 ends with the “reveal” of who captured the members of the Teen Titans as none other than Robin.


… with Goliath in tow.

Buy the copy if you like it to get more details. In fact, I am well on my way right now to pick up my copy from Comic Odyssey here in Metro Manila.


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