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NBA 2K17: The #TeamFanboy Review

#Teamfanboy’s very own Dirv DeVenecia reviews the latest NBA game in the market, NBA2k17


Oh boy it’s that time of the year again when sports buffs all around the world rejoice on successive releases of arguably two of the top three sports video game titles. One will be coming out next week while the other one was released yesterday–or last Friday if you preordered it. Of course I’m talking about 2K Sports’ NBA 2K17.


The premier basketball simulation title in the gaming world is back and boy it does feel and look better than last year’s installment.

Let’s start off with the presentation, I like with what they did with the commentators. Having a set amount of commentators can be repetitive, this year’s installment changed that. Introducing former greats Steve Smith and Chris Webber into the fray. Not only that but they now have started rotating the color commentary with only Kevin Harlan as the permanent fixture.

Now to the modes which has been the mainstay of the franchise, My Career, My GM and My Team.



My Career starts off with you playing in college–again but this year the story isn’t as cliche as the one present in last year’s installment. 2K gave everyone a chance to have a head start by launching the Prelude demo for players to have the chance to play your my player before the game has been released. I find the story for this mode more interactive and the freedom to create your preferred baller is better than ever. Height, weight and wingspan now have implications to your player’s attributes. Aside from that, you will now find a progress bar when you do drills during practices which add up to what can be described as leveling up and unlocking attribute upgrades.

Lastly, this year’s My Career mode features Michael B. Jordan as Justice Young. He’ll be a mentor to your character on and off the court as you progress through the ranks. Heck, he’ll even challenge you to one on ones during open practices.



Moving on to my GM, this year we can not only start of as an expansion team but you can re-do the events that transpired during the summer. You can now draft Ben Simmons for yourself or sign Kevin Durant for your team. You will now have a chance to change some rules and regulations via player meetings and some of the suggestions can be really practical or might be a potential hindrance.


The progression per season seems a lot faster and you now have the option to let a created or downloaded daft class so you’ll see some changes to stats and surprise injury problems for a certain player may arise.


Lastly, My Team mode lets you start off with a loaned player which can help you match up against teams as you build your own. Collection rewards have increased and have eliminated big gaps within the bonuses you get per collector level.


One word of warning though, if you invest in My Team, make sure that you start early to save up my team points for special packs that will arise once the season starts.

Overall, NBA 2K17 is leaps and bounds better than it’s previous counterpart. My Career’s story and progression feels more natural, My GM gives you more freedom and you finally get some help in My Team. In addition, a revamped shooting mechanic and key presentation and gameplay features make NBA 2K17 a vast improvement from last year’s offering.


The final score for NBA 2K17 is a solid: 9.5/10

I would like to thank my fellow contributor Adrian for helping me get a preordered copy and shout out to Game One for accommodating me while I waited for them to release the game.


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