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The Search Continues for MNL48 with Billboards Now Up

We’re still a long way from getting the full roster for MNL48, AKB48’s “sister group” here in the Philippines, but they are definitely

mnl48 logo

You can check out the hi-res photos below

A little bit of information about this girl group being developed, they’re the officially licensed group from the Japanese AKB48 and also happens to be part of a trinity of girl groups announced from around Asia. We really don’t have a group or idols that represents the brand at the moment but the organizers say that the search is well under way.

MNL48 billboard (1)

And if you’re already antsy to see the group, let us remind you that discovering talents cannot be rushed. So yeah, we’d advise you to wait a bit further.

MNL48 billboard (2)

To know more about MNL48, visit the group’s official website MNL48.ph

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