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Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Reveals Fight Between Ant-Man and Cap

Captain America: Civil War will be hitting the blu-rays and DVDs section and as such, Marvel is hyping up their movie once more with an interesting piece of Civil War concept art done by Andy Park featuring  Captain America battling Ant-Man/ Giant Man in that German airport.


You can see the entirety of the artwork below.

It seems like at some point during the film’s production, Scott Lang (played to perfection by Paul Rudd) would be joining Robert Downey Jr.’s #TeamIronMan and as such, they were originally meant to battle in that airport scene. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe had already set up Ant-Man and his mentor Scott Pym’s disdain for the Starks. That would naturally mean they won’t even consider working for Tony Stark even if he comes a’callin.

We all know how his appearance with #TeamCap drastically changed the story and narrative. Ant-Man even changed the game for a bit when he goes giant, helping Captain America and the Winter Soldier escape with the Quinjet following Zemo’s tracks. It also paved the way for the coolest Star Wars reference done by Spider-Man to date. (Editors Note: God I love this movie)

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Still, it would have been an interesting moment in the film to see Lang go head to head, in Giant Man form no less, against the Star Spangled Man with the Plan. Too bad we won’t see that other than in Park’s awesome Civil War concept art.

Captain America: Civil War will be available for the Disney Anywhere app on HD format starting 2nd of September; the film’s Blu-Ray and DVD will be released in the market 13th of September.

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