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SDCC 2016 – Everything Doctor Strange

It’s time to recap on SDCC 2016 particularly on a certain doctor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who also happens to be the Sorceror Supreme aka Doctor Strange.


During the Marvel Panel in Comic Con’s Hall H, the audience were treated to some light and smoke trick where actor Benedict Cumberbatch suddenly appears in casual clothes. After the brief applause, the rest of the cast of ‘Strange’walk onto the stage including the film’s director Scott Derrickson.

On Doctor Strange the film

Scott Derrickson: It’s a “‘left turn in the Marvel universe,” focusing on magic instead of sci-fi tech'”

On their ‘Doctor Strange’ characters

Cumberbatch: “He doesn’t know anything. He’s just at the beginning of figuring out what reality is.”


Chiwetel Ejiofor (Baron Mordo) : (Mordo) becomes a real mentor, with the Ancient One, dealing with him and understanding his power. Stephen Strange is every unique, very special and surprises everyone.

Tilda Swinton (Ancient One): “The truth is, any of us could be the Ancient One. It’s a title, and all the things the Ancient One teaches and teases out of people, anyone can do. The Ancient One is there pulling it out of people.”

Mads Mikkelsen, playing the villain, of course said he’s not a villain. “My character believes in a better world, a better path for the universe,” he said.

Attendees also got to see the second trailer for Doctor Strange and it was still trippy and was very, very, stunning.

What we’re not privvy to see at the moment is a clip they previewed at Comic Con further expanding that scene where Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange goes “Teach Me”.

EW has the rundown and description for that scene so that’s pretty swell.

A teaser from Doctor Strange then played, showing the wounded doctor hero meeting the Ancient One for the first time.

He’s scruffy, dirty, lost, searching. Mordo tells him to “forget everything you think you know.”

The good doctor can’t get over the fact that someone he is looking for is called The Ancient One. “Doesn’t he have a real name?”

When he meets the bald woman, in a gray cloak, he is taken aback. She pours him a cup of tea. He wants to know if it’s true she healed a paralyzed man. She asks if he repairs a body after surgery or if the body does it on its own.

The Ancient One tells him: “I know how to reorient the spirit to heal the body.” He is incredulous. “I do not believe in fairy tales… There is no such thing as spirit. We are made of matter and nothing more.”

She said modern technology allows doctors to see only part of reality. He pushes past her, she pushes his astral form out of his physical form. “You entered the astral dimension, a place where the soul exists apart from the body,” she says. He thinks she spiked his tea.

“Have a nice trip, Mr. Strange,” she says, pushing him further — the outer reaches of reality and spirituality.

He ends the experience cowering before her. “Teach me,” he says.

There you go; ‘Strange’ is really shaping up to be a great Marvel movie the hype isn’t on overdrive yet but you can be sure that they have another potential movie here. I mean the “Shambala” password thing from the second trailer had me giggle for a bit. Let’s just hope the humor and fun factor in this movie is high up there.

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