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Legendary Pictures Gets Rights to POKEMON Live-Action Flicks

Pokemon Go might be taking over the world now but if all it well, it looks like the Pocket Monsters could take over the big screen in the near future as Legendary Pictures has announced the acquisition of the rights to make live-action Pokemon movies.


Or maybe this is just one big mistake.

ANN reports that both Legendary Entertainment, the guys behind Hellboy and Pacific Rim have worked out a deal with The Pokemon Company to produce live action movies with the first movie greenlit and with a production date of 2017. The movie adaptation? None other than Detective Pikachu.

Japan’s TOHO will distribute the picture while our friends at Universal Pictures will be distributing it globally. I just have to point out that here, it would be distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines; who has a partnership with Universal.

No comment on the previous handler of the film rights for Pokemon, Warner Bros. Pictures who released Pokemon the First Movie


Yes, the same movie where Billy Crawford sang the opening…

WB also released Pokemon 2000 – The Movie and Pokemon 3 – The Movie.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter (Rebecca Ford, Kim Masters)

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