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First Look at the Newt Scamander Pop! Vinyl from ‘Fantastic Beast’ and Funko

We’re still months away from the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them but Funko has already shown fans a peek at the Newt Scamander Pop! Vinyl!


So my dear completist and enthusiasts friends, we definitely have a fine specimen here. It’s Newt Scamander in plastic form; the first of many if ‘Fantastic Beast’ gets to reach the same success as ‘Harry Potter’.

The figure itself is interesting, equipped with a great plastic hair, plus that fearsome luggage with all his nasty magical beasties and of course his wand. You can catch up to who Newt is and what ‘Fantastic Beasts’ is in the trailer(s) below:

We have to thank Entertainment Weekly for breaking the story. So its going to be awhile before it hits regular stores as EW states that the figure featuring the dorky Eddie Redmayne will first be available during San Diego Comic Con or SDCC 2016 and will only be then available at Barnes & Noble (where it could stay there as an exclusive to their store).

Either way we’re definitely sure that the Newt Scamander and other ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Pop! Vinyl figures would still reach our local shores, possibly with the help of Big Boys Toy Store.

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