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The New Avengers Become the the U.S.Avengers

Marvel goes All-American by rebranding the current New Avengers book as the U.S.Avengers featuring a mix of old and new characters like Sunspot and the Red Hulk!


The new team will still be working for A.I.M. which now stands for American Intelligence Mechanics. Its still owned by the mutant Sunspot and still holds the scientific terrorists who once worked as Advance Idea Mechanics.

The change for the team comes from the 616’s US government not trusting SHIELD counter-terrorists in handling hairy situations so they decide to create a new branch of Avengers who can work for them, which is why the New Avengers gets revamped as the U.S.Avengers…

Whether it’s okay to trust [A.I.M.] — well, maybe keep a few slivers of doubt in your mind just in case,” Ewing said. “You don’t reform a mad science organization without breaking a couple of bad eggs, and the old, evil A.I.M. might still be looking for revenge.

The team is still led by Sunspot as mentioned earlier, who now looks bad-ass and I assume is still sick due to the Inhumans’ terrigen mist circling the world…


By his side is his bff and fellow Avenger teammate Cannonball…


Another New Avenger rejoining the team is Pod.


Joining the team on new adventures are guys like the Red Hulk aka Thunderbolt Ross…


a new Iron Patriot…


… and Squirrel Girl


The absolute best introduction you can have is in her own solo title, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which is unalloyed genius, month after month,” Ewing said. “We’ll be presenting a slightly different flavor of Squirrel Girl, but I swear on a stack of nuts I will do everything in my power to maintain that awesomeness.

Missing in the set of photos is Captain America from the future who happens to be Danielle Cage, the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones…


And it’s pretty apt that they added in the future Captain America because the team’s first mission is to foil the machinations of the Golden Skull, a Red Skull from the future who wants “global kleptocracy” or whatever the hell that means.

Expect the U.S.Avengers to rid the world of evil and raise the ideals of the US of A in the coming months!

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