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Third Set of Marvel Now Teasers featuring Doctor Doom, Wasp and Thor!

Marvel Comics is pushing their upcoming MARVEL NOW event with a couple more teasers featuring a variety of characters including Miles Morales aka Spider-Man and the MIA Thor Odinson.


All artworks are illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr. and the Thor/Spidey teaser was released on IGN. Odinson has yet to appeaer in the “new” Marvel Universe after his last appearance in “Avengers” where he helps beat up the Beyonders, weakening them enough for Doctor Doom to beat them and starting the events of Secret Wars. Thor shows up looking more and more like his Ultimate universe counterpart, with high-tech armor and a modified axe/hammer that he could be using to smash his foes. He’s also sporting a shorter hair, which is interesting.

Another great tease which may or may not appear in the actual Marvel Now story/ initiative is the handsome version of Doctor Doom. Doom seems to be a supporting character in Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man by Brian Michael Bendis and Daviad Marquez. Also if you’re wondering why Doom looks the way he does, it’s actually a gift from Reed Richards at the end of Secret Wars # 9 before the first family departed for worlds unknown.



Standing opposite is The Ultimate’s powerful member Miss America Chavez or MAC. I’ve been trying to think of a connection between these two but I really cannot find anything. Maybe further issues can open a more obvious connection.

The third and final teaser for this batch features two unlikely characters for Marvel Now, one is the guy known as Foolkiller and half features the new Wasp



These teasers are now making us wonder what happens at the end of the Civil War II that drastically changes the scape of the new Marvel Universe.

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