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Marvel Legacy Reveals New Arc Titles and Renumbered Issues

Seriously, Marvel is trying to emulate whatever DC’s doing right now with their DC Rebirth reboot and at the moment, it definitely looks crappy. Sorry, I’m a HUGE Marvel fan but I know when I’m being duped and when I’m getting quality. With that in mind, here are all the IMPORTANT details you need to know about Marvel Legacy.


The breakdown of renumbered titles under Marvel Legacy is as follows.

marvel legacy 3

To hammer the point that they are serious about Marvel Legacy, Marvel’s even released a peek at some of the covers for these titles.

marvel legacy cover


I also find it funny that Marvel actually went out of their way to create 53 different covers to honor the Marvel legacy. Those classic “homages” are also great to look at, though looks for a Marvel book doesn’t translate to great stories or even better sales.

As a Marvel fan, I’m still willing to give this a try. Going out and buying these products will assure us that we’re letting them know whether we like something from the Marvel Legacy line or we hate everything.

Credits: CBR

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