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Thefanboyseo.com’s WWE Raw and SmackDown Fantasy Draft Picks

With the impending brand split happening in WWE‘s Raw and SmackDown, the team decided to do a draft pick on which superstar goes to which brand.


We had a lot of fun doing this draft and hopefully you get to enjoy what we have in store for you rasslin’ fans out there.

Shall we begin?

1st Round:


seth rollins

probably the guy who has been the WWE’s MVP for over 2 years. Most well-rounded talent and can stay for a decade.

Earl: He is the king of Raw, if not for that injury most likely hes have done a lot of good main events on the show

Adrian (Smackdown) AJ STYLES


has nothing but simply been gold since he arrived, and has proven why he’s one of the best in the world.

2nd Round:

(Raw) Roman Reigns


Dirv: marketing wise he’s going there. Crowd reactions has not been his best friend but we can flip him with rollins on who is the top face and heel of the brand. I just feel that Reigns has more of an upside compared to big match John

(Smackdown) John Cena

john cena

Adrian: mainly so he can pass the torch to the next batch of wrestling heroes

Dirv: and he’s still the top face in the company albeit in a transitional role

3rd Round:

(Raw) American Alpha


Dirv: so for my third pick: I’m going to pick a team that has all the potential. they’re over right now and one of them might grow into a potential moty machine

(Smackdown) Kevin Owens

kevin owens

Adrian: my third pick: a great worker, sobrang versatile regardless of size and one of the best assholes today

4th Round:

(Raw) Shinsuke Nakamura


Dirv:  My next pick and my 4th pick is someone who transcends the boundaries and glass ceilings found in wrestling. Probably the best worker in the business. probably the biggest dream match machine in the company

(Smackdown) Bayley


Adrian: ok, so for our 4th pick … a great wrestler, a great workhorse and most of all, has a very kid-friendly gimmick.

5th Round:

(Raw) Sami Zayn

sami zayn

Dirv: since someone got who was supposed to be my 5th pick. I’m not going to fight fire with fire. I’m taking someone who can carry my midcard and eventually be a top face

(Smackdown) Finn Balor


Adrian: someone who can be a great upper midcarder and has history with my first pick; also has history with my first pick (AJ Styles)

6th Round

(Raw) Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks

Dirv: my 6th pick: i need to build m ywomen’s division and I’m putting the internet’s favorite diva and arguably the best women’s worker in the company

(Smackdown) Enzo and Cass


Adrian: Can’t get wrong with this team, and with the best smacktalkers in the biz

7th Round:

(Raw) Rusev and Lana


Dirv: my 7th pick is more of a rebuilding project buut he is getting back to top form. a massive guy who can work.

Earl: But in a twist in want to see the bulgarian brute as a face; Hardsell but interesting. Just dont have him pull out a gun

(Smackdown) Karl Anderson


Adrian: for my next pick: this will be a reaally hard sell. pero I’ve seen the capabilities of this guy, and has the ability to be a steady mid-card/upper-midcard tweener

Earl: Good call; He has been living under the shadow of the club ever since he joined WWE.

Adrian: People easily forget that Karl is a very good singles wrestler; (Anderson) was even a G1 Climax runner-up a few years back.

8th Round

(Raw) Charlotte

charlotte wwe divas champ

Dirv: Got to go with someone who is marketable and a very good female heel.

(Smackdown) The New Day

new day wwe

Adrian: So with this 8th pick: their act might be getting a bit stale, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they are marketable

9th Round:

(Raw) The Wyatt Family

wyatt family

Dirv: This team will be more of a faction who can flip flop from face to heel and has two of the better performers in the company. I can also have a tag team, a mid carder and a main eventer in one pick!

(Smackdown) Breezango

breezango tyler breeze fandango

Adrian: For my next pick, since we can’t just have Xavier Woods be the fall guy every match, this person will be one of my few “curious” picks sa draft natin. Also remember how Breeze looked good vs Liger? and how once upon a time he was a top contender to the NXT belt?

10th Round:

(Raw) Samoa Joe


Dirv: my 10th pick is a believable top monster heel and could also be the destroyer face.

(Smackdown) Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

Adrian: Ciampa’s heel work sa ROH is so good!

11th Round:

(Raw) The Usos


Dirv: why not build the samoan stable, a heel samoan/mafia stable

(Smackdown) The Miz with Maryse


Adrian: Picking him because I need a talk show host.

Earl: The Miz has been underwhelming as of late. I want him on Smackdown though because hooo rah. He can even start an episode like the old days. This draft pick is golden

Adrian: Company man pa…

12th Round:

(Raw) Austin Aries

austin aries

Dirv: My next guy is someone who can be a top midcard face, a main event heel or in a top tag team. A seasoned guy who can win while elevating talent as well.

(Smackdown)  Neville

neville wwe

Adrian: Neville vs Styles please!!!!

Earl: We forgot about the man who gravity forgot!

13th Round:

(Raw) Cesaro


Dirv: So we have Samoa Joe, AA and Seth Rollins in one show, why not add another ROH alum? Someone who can be your second top face or your top midcard guy.

Dirv: Hinihintay ko lang na available pa siya.

Earl: Was waiting for that…

Adrian: Pati ako.

Dirv: He can thrive on a less cramped up roster.

Earl: And he got mad skills too.

(Smackdown) The Hype Bros. – Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley

Adrian: My next pick is a combination of a great worker and a great lovable mid-level guy. Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley.

Earl: As tag team? Good call.

Adrian: Yup, as tag team; though, Zack can easily sustain a singles run

14th Round:

(Raw) Authors of Pain


Dirv: My next pick will be a potential big player in the tag team world; they can be a dominant heel team and be the lackeys for a top heel.

Adrian: Ang lalim ng bunot na yan.

(Smackdown) Nikki Storm


Adrian: Dahil I do not have enough women sa roster ko pagkatingin ko, Nikki Storm. She’s also the best up-and-comers in the Women’s Division.

15th Round:

(Raw) Asuka

asuka nxt

Dirv: Since I want the strongest roster possible and i want to have top people in all divisions, Why not get the best female wrestler the company has. My last pick is Asuka.

Earl: Perfect. You got the Japanese imports mang.

Dirv: Except Hideo Itami LOL.

(Smackdown) Eva Marie

eva marie wwe

Adrian: My 15th pick is a Heat magnet. let’s face it, the only reason why she’s still with WWE is dahil marketable na agad sya. Plus, I got to have Corey Graves pining on Eva Marie every week. Commentary gold yun.

And that wraps up thefanboyseo.com’s draft pick for WWE  Raw and Smackdown. Can I get a hell yeah?

Dirv & Adrian: Hell yeah!

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