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The Ladies of Toycon – 5 years of Sizzles

Toycon has been exceeding my expectations as an event that brings toys, hobbies, and cosplay as a highlight for the past 5 years. Of course, it has its own twists for an event, and by twists I mean ladies have their fair share in the fun brewing!

So here are some of Team Fanboy picks for the last 5 years! Get ready, this is going to be HOT!


Karen Bordador (2011)

Before hitting the FM Radio scene as a DJ, Teacher K has modeled before for a famous glamour magazine, making her one of the hottest 10 females of the country back in 2011. This also marks a Vixen making their cosplay debut in the Toycon scene.


Jahziel Manabat (2012)

Yep, the one and only. Ex-PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Housemate, Jahz Manabat, also graced Toycon with her presence back in 2012, as a booth babe.


Cyen Lazam (2012)

You might be familiar with Cyen. After all, she was featured as Girlfriend of a Month a year after being a booth babe, and hitting big spots such as Tanduay, and various billboard and TV commercials.


Geng Maderazo (2012)

One of the liveliest smiles of the Car Show scene, she graced Toycon as a muse for a certain toy group in 2012. Until now, the toy group still uses the tarpaulin in which she is modeled in.


Sarah Geronimo (2012)

Yep, the Pop Princess was one of our best picks. Why? She is obviously underrated by many due to her being a local artist, but when you see her personally, her glow is by far one of the brightest that we’ve seen. Lucky bro Matteo!


Paulene So (2013)

The Queen Vixen landed in Toycon, 3 years back and by far, was one of the hottest (if not controversial) booth babes ever to step into the gallery. We don’t need to emphasize on this more, just check out what she’s wearing!


Jahziel Manabat (2013)

Coming back for a second year, Jahz really has a soft spot for the Toycon peeps. The year before she was COLD as Blue, now she’s HOT as Red! (Pardon the chubby gentleman photobombing at the back, hehe!)


Nicole Alexandria (2014)

Half-Filipina, Half-Malaysian, 100% BOMBSHELL! One of the classiest ladies to join as a booth babe in the Toycon gallery, her coming to the land of opportunity came as a delightful surprise!


Rence David (2014)

This girl packs the brightest sunshine among these lovely ladies. Heck, would you turn down a request from this lovely girl? WOULD YOU? Thought so. A year later, she hosted Toycon 2015, the last ever for Megatrade Hall before the migration to SMX. Kind of an awesome feat don’t you think? (Yep, that’s me beside her)


Jhaszm Malvar (2015)

A resident of Car Show scene yet again, Jhas has indeed enticed everyone with her Ghostbusters look, let alone her beautiful smile!


Anicka Lyka Yu (2015)

SUPER Sonico! By far the one of the most daring costumes ever worn in Toycon gallery booth babe history! From modeling for magazines, car shows and gaming conventions, Anicka has indeed stunned both the world of geeks and men!


From Left to Right: Yvonne Marie Wong, Dale Go Meris, Janna Roque, Karen Punzalan (2015)

“Teenage” Mutant Ninja…Hotties? Indeed, these 4 have brought COWABUNGA! to a whole new level! That being said, we can’t emphasize more on how stunning they look on such simple dresses.


Angela Gabrielle (2015)

One of my personal favorites. This girl is the whole package! Featured as a glamour magazine’s one and only “100% Cutie/Hottie”, don’t let this beauty fool you. She’s a total bad ass! Then again, with that smile so lethal, anyone would be dying to be beaten up by her.

And how can we forget? The lovely Gosiengfiao Sisters who have been a vital part of Toycon for the last decade! Alodia has indeed gone far with her cosplay career and has risen to being dubbed the “Cosplay Geek Goddess”. Ashley meanwhile ventured into the music industry, rocking souls with her band, Midnight Meetings. Nevertheless still stunning as ever, together they bring excitement to Toycon every year.


Alodia Gosiengfiao


Ashley Gosiengfiao

And that’s a wrap! The next question is: WHO WILL BE JOINING THE RANKS OF THESE WOMEN? THESE GIRLS OF TOYCON? Who knows, probably your dream girl! So waddya waiting for? Let’s see each other this weekend, June 10-12, SMX Halls 1-4 for Toycon 2016!


Big Boss Vic Yap with Queen Vixen Paulene So

And BTW, big boss Vic Yap has already made his move! Hehe! Kampai!


*Credits go to the various photographers for the photos! You know who you are guys, we are very much grateful!

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