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Why Was Kyle Barnes a Broken Man in Outcast # 1?

I’m hooked on Outcast for some unknown reason, could be because its a Robert Kirkman work or because its a fresh take on the tired old demonic posession sub-genre of of horror. Either way, here’s a spoiler for Outcast fans who make it out of the first episode which airs tonight.

Outcast 001-000

I’m currently binge reading and catching up on this comic book series, mainly because I hate having the show get the drop on me. The show is pretty good too.

The thing is, aside from the history of abuse at the hands of his mother, Kyle also encountered a second demonic possession in his lifetime.

Shortly after rescuing Joshua from his situation, Kyle opens up about his past and how he ended up “not being his little girl’s daddy”.

Outcast 001-043

I tell you its creepy when you read it but then when you catch Outcast S1E1 it becomes twice as creepy. I

Outcast 001-044

Outcast 001-045

I really hope I have the time to review the TV version of Outcast.

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