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Steve Rogers Captain America # 1 Reveals Cap as HYDRA Agent

Hail Hydra dear Steve! As a cliffhanger to this week’s Steve Rogers: Captain America # 1, writer Nick Spencer reveals that Steve is actually an agent of HYDRA.


We’re throwing subtlety out the door because it’s been published and spoiled in bigger publications and websites.

Read the last three pages after the jump.

Oh and before that check out the interesting variant covers…

First on the chopping block is the Horseman of Apocalypse cover, which really doesn’t change anything for the Star Spangled Man with the plan.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-000a (Paul Renaud Age of Apocalypse Variant)

There’s also the Skottie Young cover featuring Bucky and Cap picking out a shield to use as the second Captain America.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-000c (Skottie Young variant)

We skip right to the juicy part for Steve Rogers: Captain America # 1 at the part where Steve and his allies catch up with Baron Zemo who disappeared by the end of Standoff.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-022


Zemo was in the middle of prepping his new “Masters of Evil” when the good guys arrive. Zemo splits but Cap catches up.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-024

The new Jack Flag arrives just in time to back-up Captain America.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-028

Unfortunately for Jack, he gets thrown off the jet as Steve slowly reveals his true affiliation.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-030

Meanwhile in Steve’s past its been revealed that his mom was invited to a HYDRA secret meeting which could have been the reason why he utters “Hail Hydra” at the end of the issue.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-029

Yeah you read that right, Steve did a Hail Hydra…

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-031

Apparently, Spencer pissed off a lot of different groups and people and there are reports coming in that there are several individuals who have given the writer death threats. Kinda sucky and a big low blow if you ask me.

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