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Creed Star Michael B. Jordan Added in Black Panther Movie

Creed star Michael B. Jordan has been added to the upcoming Marvel Studios film Black Panther in an unspecified role.


The Hollywood Reporter says that the former Human Torch for Fox’s Fantastic Four film is joining his ‘Creed’ director, Ryan Coogler, for the third time. THR’s source indicates that the actor could play a villain for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest bad-ass but there’s no proof yet.

We’re still taking this with a grain of salt because Marvel loves to hype up their casting news. And because it’ll be great to hear it from Kevin Feige himself.

There’s a wide number of characters who could be Black Panther’s main enemy for his first live-action movie. Some say that Jordan could be Man-Ape or another relative of T’Challa who wants the Black Panther mantle all for himself. Either way, it could be a good exercise for Jordan, who has never had an antagonist role throughout his career.

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman and is directed by Ryan Coogler. Opens February 2018.

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