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The 500 Pesos Summer Komikon Challenge

Summer Komikon (with a K) has come and gone and let me write a short piece about this little challenge I did last weekend.



I set some rules for this self-imposed challenge of mine, and hopefully next time Komikon rolls in, you take a leaf from this little survival guide.

  • No Marvel or DC books
  • Nothing big like T-Shirts
  • Prints are OK but don’t go overboard
  • Have it signed and get a photo in with the creator.

So shall we begin?

Lyndon Gregorio’s Krisis Kada

lyndo gregorio's krisiskada

Mr. Gregorio was kinda even to even do a quick sketch of me, even when I was incognito mode for the event.

lyndon gregorio summer komikon 2016

Total: P180

Koi Carreon Small Print


koi carreon

koi carreon

I got this cutesy Mario print

koi carreon art

koi carreon art

I’ve been out of touch with the local creator scene so I didn’t know that he even made a cover for Star-Lord last year. Thanks Flipgeeks for the heads up on that one.

Total: 20

Rian Gonzales Prints

Rian Gonzales

Rian Gonzales

During the event she sold prints of her cool artwork and as a friend and staunch support, I picked up her P40 prints.

Total: P40

So I’m already at Php 240 and at this point, I’ve yet to do a full round of the Bayanihan Convention Center in Mandaluyong. Still I soldier on as I was a bit pressed for time.

My next stop was:

Fandom Feels PH

Summer Komikon Fadom Feels Ph

Grace Marcellana of Fandom Feels Ph

Fandom Feels basically sells all sorts of geek related stickers. During Komikon, they were selling stickers for P25/each with a promo of getting a 5th sticker free when you get a P100 worth of stickers. Here’s what I got.

Total: P100



andrew villar ambush

Total: P150

Player 1 Player 2

jolo livelo player 1 player 2

Jolo Livelo does a pretty interesting 8-bit comic and he sold his stuff for Php 150

summer komikon player 1 player 2

Total: 150

Truth be told I went over the budget by around P200 because I also wanted to support long-time FanboySEO followers Emman Centeno and Kahlil Baet for their works…

Emman centeno summer komikon

Summer Komikon

Total: 200

Be sure to stick around because I’ll be giving my review/ first impressions for the stuff I got on the road to Komikon in November.

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