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WWE Rumored to Ditch the Divas Brand and Bring Back the WWE Women’s Division

Rest in Peace “Divas” as the WWE is poised to bring back the WWE Women’s Championship brand after Wrestlemania 32.


Rumor has it that the WWE will be retiring the branding for the division after Wrestlemania 32. They’ve even commissioned a new Women’s championship belt according to PWInsider.

Though we still don’t have a first look at this, the WWE describes the belt as a smaller version of the current design for the WWE World Heavyweight Title belt. And as mentioned, they won’t be calling it as the Divas Division anymore. Which IMHO, should have been the case for some time now.


A little history lesson. The Divas Championship debuted in 2008 at the time of the WWE brand split. They had to have a different title for Smackdown because RAW carried the Women’s division. In 2010, the two titles were unified under the “Diva” brand, which was also where the reality show “Total Divas” was derived.

The current roster of female wrestlers however don’t share the same qualities of their predecessors, these gals are now more athletic and really built to fight. Just check out the three main ladies set to fight for the title in Wrestlemania 32.


charlotte wwe divas champ

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks

Honestly, I love that the WWE decided to switch back to their old branding. Now that they kinda own the ‘Divas’ brand with their TV show, it’s about time we get a real class brand for the lovely ladies who also compete in the squared circle.

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