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Marvel Announces Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man

Marvel Comics announces another Civil War II miniseries following the X-Men tie-in in the form of Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man!


You can check out the details for the book and the full cover after the jump!

The book will be written by Christos Gage with interior art by Travel Foreman and covers by Khary Randolph.


The story puts Peter Parker’s ideology to the test amidst a new “civil war” between Marvel’s superhero community.

This starts with a new inhuman precog that can detect crime before it even happens. This means changing the future on one side and protecting the future, letting it happen on the other. Thrust in this is Iron Man aka Tony Stark and Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers.

Spidey’s four issue story happens in the middle, with Parker trying to weigh in on the whole “Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” motto and impart it with the young inhuman who is not that kid in ‘Standoff‘.

Sounds like an interesting plot and I hope it yields classic panels like that Captain America panel from the ASM tie-in issues to Civil War.

captain america-civil-war-amazing-spider-man-motivational-speech

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 goes on sale in June.

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