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First Look at Justice League vs The Fatal Five

DC Comics is going back to the classic Justice League with their upcoming animated feature JUSTICE LEAGUE vs THE FATAL FIVE!

Not only are we getting Timm-level of animation together with a different set of Leaguers, we may even get to see the real nemesis of the villainous group known as the Fatal Five, and that would be the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES.

Justice League vs The Fatal Five sneak peek

And going back to this iteration of the league, its quite surprising to see a new batch featuring Mr. Terrific, Miss Martian and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.

Jessica Cruz (DC Comics)

As mentioned earlier, the Legion would be involved here and in the screenshot below, we’ll be seeing Star Boy doing his thing.

Star Boy (DC Comics)

Justice League vs The Fatal Five doesn’t have an official release date yet but many seem to point that it could be out by April or May 2019

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