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Deadpool Review – 10/10, Will Watch Again

The Fanboy SEO dishes out his Deadpool review and it’s already a 10/10 in his book for a number of reasons. Now showing from 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines.

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  • Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role. He nailed both Wade Wilson and Deadpool with flying colors and whatever idiomatic expression you want to put in. Basically, the guy was perfect from voicework to stunts to actual acting.
  • Props to the guys who designed the costume as its as real world as can be. They also did explain how Wade developed the costume which wasn’t really necessary but still neat.
  • The movie had just about the equal amount of comedy and action which was satisfying. Be wary though as there are a lot of dick jokes here and there as well as TONS of sexual references.
  • Adding nudity to the pro side just for laughs.
  • If I loved the references in this movie, then you will too. One of the best reference made in the film pertained to a certain Lion robot that blew the minds of kids from the 80s and the 90s. Seeing the entire “super suit green” comment with full context makes the joke twice as funny too. Oh and I loved Adventure Time’s appearance in this movie.
  • A lot of pop songs included here. It looks like they took a cue from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and then completely chose popular songs already. And yes, they integrate one song in the climax so I expect that act to see their itunes song triple in downloads for the next week or so.
  • It’s really fresh to see a comic book movie that actually laughs with the fans and acknowledges that the fans are in this together with the character. Deadpool’s breaking the fourth wall has always been one of the more endearing traits for the Merc with a Mouth and translating this to the big screen at a hundred percent not only keeps both the casual fans and diehards happy, it also gives the new fans something to latch on for a character that’s not an Avenger (at least in the movies anyway) and a tad off for the X-Men.
  • I won’t spoil the whats and whos but there are a couple of odd things in the movie that might belong someplace else.
  • That someone I wrote about yesterday is in the movie but they changed a lot of things.
  • The two X-Men in this movie rocked. Now people can truly respect (and even make fun) of Colossus. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is also a character to look out for and man, that part where its revealed that she’s wearing the black and yellow X-Men uniform, was a big tie to the movie already.
  • The way Deadpool references and makes fun of post-credits established by Marvel Studios some years ago also brought the house down. It’s a bizarre analysis on what we’ve all grown into; fans who want to see an encore after a good (or sometimes awful) movie.
  • Hugh Jackman. Nuff said.
  • Stan Lee’s cameo. Double nuff said.


  • During the “development montage” of Deadpool’s costume, there was a scene where Wade was playing around with his mask; that was in the trailer but it was never in the actual scene; or maybe the MTRCB decided to be a big bag of dicks and cut a ton of LOL-moments.
  • The running time is a big turn off. Clocking in at one hour and forty six minutes this could have gone a bit further.
  • We still need more violence, like tons and tons of violence. Toned down could be the word used to describe Deadpool. It’s a good start but based on the hype they’ve done for the movie, it lacked more bloodletting; but that’s just a personal note.
  • Ed Skrein (Francis, Ajax) is a terrible actor. Why is he in this again?!


So far, Tim Miller did an excellent job in Deadpool. He came out strong together with the cast (except for Francis) and you can really tell that they wanted to do Deadpool right this time after the atrocities they’ve done to Wade in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I’m betting even the creators were totally in this, probably even Marvel was in on all the shenanigans presented in the movie. Deadpool is a love story; a what-could-be if Marvel Studios and Fox played nice and decided to share characters between them.
It’s very slim but it’s a start and hey they’ve already reference Cable too so hell yeah.
Like I stated on the title = 10/10; will watch the movie again.

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