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Jurassic World Non Spoiler Review

The park is definitely open and I just got back from the best two hours of watching a dinosaur movie. Giving you my Jurassic World Non Spoiler review.


The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins and Jake Johnson just to name a few.

So without much delay, my thoughts on Jurassic World.

Jurassic World is an instant classic in my book and I have no shame in saying that I loved it, I enjoyed it and I’m already planning to see the film again on IMAX. It’s one of those movies that brings you back and at the same time tries to give you something fresh. It’s the Jurassic Park sequel we never had; although to be fair, “The Lost World” was a pretty good film.

Chris Pratt once again wows us as the new Hollywood hunk, what’s not to like about the guy, he’s the everyman and the voice of the people, gets to ride around the park in a motorcycle and even trains velociraptors. He gets paid to train ‘raptors and look bad ass on screen.


Not digging the pairing with Bryce Dallas Howard but it still works fine for the regular moviegoer.

Good acting from the rest of the cast especially Ty Simpkins (the kid from Iron Man 3) and from Jake Johnson (New Girl) who surprisingly had a lot of funny moments all throughout the movie. My buddy Kim did a review for Jurassic World on What’s A Geek and he had high praises for both Pratt and Johnson particularly for the meta roles they play in Jurassic World.


There was something about the film that successfully recaptured the first movie quite well; and no I’m not referring to the dozens of throwbacks and Easter eggs from “Jurassic Park” but rather the amazement and wonders that it brought to Pinoy audience. The screening I attended had people going “ooh” and “ahh” in the proper moments and sitting at the edge of their seats, screaming when the nefarious “Indominus Rex” makes a run for one of our key characters. They were screaming. Something I wasn’t expecting especially since we’ve all been reared with so much CGI monsters these past few years.

Before we hit the “bad” parts of the movie, I’d also like to say that I love how they’ve “developed” the dinosaurs here. The Mosasaur was a visual spectacle…

The Velociraptors are endearing especially Blue and we get newfound respect for the T-Rex…

raptors jurassic world

Still the movie isn’t safe from archetypes and tropes. And there are a lot actually like how Vincent D’Onofrio had to play the obvious sleezy bad guy or how Bryce Dallas Howard and her approach to being a “dragon lady” which is very, very generic.

Trevorrow also went on the record that they will be using a combination of practical effects and CGI to bring the beasties to life but seriously, all I saw was CGI. There was even a scene with a badly CGI-ed raptor.

The usual plot hole blunder makes for the trinity of bad things about Jurassic World but if you’re a fan you won’t care nor would it hamper you from truly enjoying the film. It’s a great movie, you’ll love it and you’ll definitely go for seconds and I seriously implore that you at least watch the first Jurassic Park movie so you truly enjoy this return to the world of InGen and their dinosaurs.

Man, I wanted to write more good things in this Jurassic World Non Spoiler review but that’d kill my word count so allow me to tl;dr the shit out of this review.

“Dinosaurs are good. Chris Pratt good. Indominus Rex bad ass. Jurassic World worth your money. Velociraptors and T-Rex work well.”

Jurassic World is now showing nationwide in 3D, 2D and IMAX. Special thanks to UIP, Columbia Pictures and JackTV.

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