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TechLife Pad Review – 7000mAh battery and 10.36″ 2K Display for P8,999

Here’s the TechLife Pad Review from TechLife Philippines. This tablet is currently out now and priced at Php8,999 and available in TechLife stores as well as on Shopee and Lazada!

This new product from TechLife Philippines that’s priced just well under P10,000 is perfect for teens and students and even grown-ups who are always connected and looking to be entertainment whether through social media or through streaming services like Youtube or Netflix or even Spotify. It’s also the ideal tablet for millennials on the go who love traveling or going places.

Before anything, let’s check out the unboxing for the Techlife Pad.


The TechLife Pad comes with a 10.36″ 2K Display that’s perfect for tablet users whose main focus is on entertainment whether its social media or Youtube or TikTok. So what’s there to like about this product? Well it comes screen that’s got a 1200×2000 resolution with 184 PPI and an aspect ration of 10:6.


The TechLife Pad is also the best entertainment tablet out there today because of how loud it can get. With the quad stereo speakers on the product, you can be sure that what you’re watching is loud and clear.

The four speakers located at the top and bottom of the TechLife Pad

And if you’re a little old school then there’s also a headphone jack in the TechLife Pad should do the trick.




You will have two color variants to choose from namely “Graphite Grey” and “Graphite Blue”. I got Graphite Grey which looks a lot better IMHO. The bottom part also features the Techlife neatly embossed on it. The back part of the tablet is also made up of 90% aluminum and ABS plastic so its sturdied than other brands and products!

If there’s one thing that was kind of iffy for me it’s the placement of the buttons for this tablet.

The power button is on top rather than the volume controls

Another thing you’ll like about the TechLife Pad is the slim design. It’s actually 7.4mm slim so you don’t have to strain your hands when holding the tablet. Its very easy to lug around which circles back to why its idea for people on the go like myself thanks to its weight of just 453 grams.

So for this particular commute, I brought along a sling bag and that was what I used to answer emails, reply to posts on Facebook and even write contents on the site. So I’m doing away with carrying a laptop for a little while longer. Side note, I wish they came out quickly with covers for the TechLife Pad so it’s super secure and you don’t worry about scratches on the screen while you’re off doing your thing.




So I have to be honest, there’s only so much gaming that you can do with the TechLife Pad. I wasn’t really hoping that it could run bigger titles like Honkai: Star Rail but it did but the quality was just OK. The game just decided to run on its most compatible setting.



This pad is also one of the better tablets I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in terms of longevity. This tab has a 7000mAh battery that means it can last for a whole day without charging. But lets see what the data offers up.

It’s really a good tablet in terms of battery because you won’t have to worry about making it home with a drained pad because it won’t. Sure you could have a powerbank handy but you may not really need it for this one. The prescribed standby time is 15 hours while when in-use it could stay up for around 4.4 hours; still pretty damn long compared to other pads in the market.

And in case you’re wondering if it has fast-charging, the answer is yes, but not quite. The fast-charging on smartphones is different with the tablet as it’s got only a 10W Charging system. Smartphones however can go between anywhere from 35W to 70W for charging so its really fast. So again answer is yes… kinda.

Storage, Processor, UI and UX


The TechLife Pad features a Unisoc T606 Processor (Supports LTE & VoLTE), an Octa-Core processor that’s built to work in tandem with apps and platforms like Netflix and browsers. It also sports Bluetooth 5.0 which lets you interact with other devices on seemlessly and without any hassle.

Ever since I popped open the box 128GB Massive Storage. Large enough storage that can store up to more than 25,000+ photos or songs (based on 4MB file size each). Can also store at least 400+ TV Series episodes (Based on 250MB at 720P
Resolution) and up to 30+ game apps (ranging from 250MB for commonly used apps up to at least 3GB for gaming and larger mobile apps)

TechLife Pad Review – Camera

The TechLife Pad features a 8MP rear camera / main camera that’s decent enough to take photos such as book pages or in my case comic book pages.

In terms of taking photos, you can bank on pretty OK outputs.

I was also surprised at just how much customization and options you have for the camera. Here’s a screenshot of those options.

There’s also the front camera which has 5 megapixels which does good selfies but really works best when it comes to online meetings and classes. Works good as well because its set in the middle of the tablet.

Again, the TechLife Pad is now available in TechLife stores as well as on Shopee and Lazada for just P8,999! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram

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