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Nendoroid Zhongli and Nendoroid Raiden Shogun

Good Smile Company has recently shown off their new and upcoming products and we finally get to see prototypes for the upcoming Nendoroid Zhongli and Nendoroid Raiden Shogun from the Genshin Impact Nendoroid line.

Check out the full images for these figures below.

The Geo Archon together with the Electro Archon have already been announced a year ago and that was even before the three existing Genshin Impact Nendoroids hit the market namely the Nendoroid Aether, Nendoroid Lumine and Nendoroid Venti.

You can check the teaser images / announcement images for these two figures below

But now we have prototype photos! Meaning they are well on their way to go on pre-order.

And don’t forget that they also teased two more Genshin Impact nendoroids namely Nendoroid Xiao and Nendoroid Kaeya (although nobody uses Kaeya anymore in the game anyway.)

So I guess the waiting game continues.

In the meantime, you can pass the time by downloading Hoyoverse’s top game for free on mobile, PC and Playstation 4 and Playstation5! The current version, Genshin Impact version 4.4 has already released the much-anticipated Clorinde.

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