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Epson Philippines sponsors Metro Manila elementary schools with innovative technology to enhance learning

Global technology leader Epson has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Education (DepEd), represented by Oranbo Elementary School and Demetrio Tuazon Elementary School, under the Adopt-A-School Program. The public-private partnership aims to address the gaps in education by providing support through necessary resources, equipment and learning materials to public schools.

IN PHOTO (L-R): School Head Diosdado Manubag from Oranbo Elementary School, Director Margarita Ballesteros of the DepEd- External Partnerships Service-Adopt a School Program Secretariat, President and Director Masako Kusama from Epson Philippines, and School Head Shirley Alambra from Demetrio Tuazon Elementary School

With the rapid development of technology, it is essential to incorporate it into the classroom to provide students with the best possible learning experience. Epson Philippines recognizes this need and has provided the two schools selected by DepEd with state-of-the-art projectors, printers enabled by Epson’s heat-free technology, and compact scanners.

“We believe that technology plays a crucial role in shaping the future of education, and we are committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions that will help students learn better,” said Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines.

The signing ceremony was held at Epson Philippines’ headquarters in Pasig, attended by Masako Kusama from Epson Philippines, Director Margarita Ballesteros of the DepEd-Partnerships Service-Adopt a School Program Secretariat, School Head Shirley Alambra from Demetrio Tuazon Elementary School, and School Head Diosdado Manubag from Oranbo Elementary School.

“We are extremely grateful for this partnership with Epson Philippines, and we believe that the integration of technology in our classrooms will significantly benefit our students,” said Manubag. “Their generous sponsorship will transform the way we teach and inspire our students to learn more effectively.”

“The partnership with Epson Philippines is a significant step towards achieving our goal of providing quality education to Filipino children,” shared Alambra. “We are excited to see how this technology will enhance the learning experience of our students and improve the quality of education we provide.”

Both Epson and DepEd believe that by leveraging technology as a crucial tool in both teaching and learning, educators and students alike are empowered with access to resources and opportunities previously beyond their reach.

“As technology continues to evolve, it is essential to ensure that students have access to the latest tools and resources to help them succeed in their academic pursuits. The integration of technology in education has proven to be effective in enhancing student engagement, improving learning outcomes, and preparing them for the demands of the modern workforce,” stated Director Ballesteros, who served as a witness during the MOA signing. “We hope to continue working with Epson Philippines to further the integration of technology into our schools, ultimately improving our education system.”

The partnership with DepEd is not the first time Epson Philippines has contributed to the advancement of education in the country. The two organizations previously collaborated in a multi-year sponsorship project called the Epson’s Gift of Brightness program, which equipped deserving, underprivileged schools in the country with Epson innovations such as printers, projectors, scanners, label printers, document cameras and a supply of inks and cartridges. DepEd assisted in selecting several beneficiary schools for the program.

Through these initiatives, Epson Philippines has demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact on society and contributing to the development of the next generation.

“Our partnership with DepEd is just one of the many initiatives we have undertaken to support education in the country. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions that will help students learn better and prepare them for the future,” concluded Kusama.

About Epson 

Epson is a global technology leader whose philosophy of efficient, compact and precise innovation enriches lives and helps create a better world. The company is focused on solving societal issues through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual and lifestyle. Epson’s goal is to become carbon negative and eliminate use of exhaustible underground resources such as oil and metal by 2050. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the worldwide Epson Group generates annual sales of more than JPY 1 trillion. Visit corporate.epson/en/ for more information.


About Epson Philippines

Epson’s corporate presence in the Philippines commenced in 1998. It grew rapidly into a billion-peso company in a span of a few years from its establishment due to its client-oriented approach in its business management by its dedicated and innovative staff members and officers. Epson Philippines has an extensive network of 77 Authorized Service Centers nationwide with more than 200 dealers and more than 800 shops across the country. For more details, please visit our website (www.epson.com.ph), our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EpsonPhilippines), or LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/epson-philippines-corporation/)

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