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Netflix releases new Parasyte: The Grey featurette, New Filter also available on TikTok

Witness how the extraordinary visuals of Parasyte: The Grey came to life! Watch the featurette here

Check out the featurette

Find the parasite that’s among us humans. Who has been taken over by the parasite?Open TikTok account

Go to profile tab, then tap the burger icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen

Tap “My QR Code” then click on the scan QR icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen

About Netflix

Netflix is a global entertainment streaming service with over 260 million paid subscriptions across some 190 countries. Subscribers have access to various genres of TV series, films, games, and others in several languages. Subscribers can freely enjoy contents anywhere and anytime, and have the option to change their subscriptions at any time.

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