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Rita Repulsa introduces Psycho Ranger Ghidora – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs Godzilla II # 1

Last week’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs Godzilla II # 1 ended with a nice twist that combines both elements from Power Rangers and the Godzilla universe by introducing us to Psycho Ranger Ghidora.

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So in this new story, Tommy Oliver aka The White Ranger is transported to our universe which closely resembles his own. Before going on a multiversal adventure, he and his White Tiger zord went one on one with Godzilla who seem to have been attracted by the multiverse stone. After reporting to this universe’s Power Rangers, variant Tommy teams up with the Power Rangers. He also warns them that Rita Repulsa is working with Astronema to ensure that they get access to the multiverse. Astronema even brought along familiar faces to this book namely the Psycho Rangers. Remember them?

And while both of them were flexing who had the stronger combatant, Rita Repulsa introduces her latest creation, Psycho Ranger Ghidora.

Psycho Ranger Ghidora

So not only did Rita Repulsa take control of Godzilla’s most fearsome enemy aka King Ghidora, she was actually able to turn her into a coherent individual and also assumedly a size shifter. Then she also took the Psycho Ranger technology and gave that to Ghidora all with the mission of taking down Godzilla and absorb his energy.

This was an interesting take and I’m excited how they will take this throughout the series. Imagine a powerful Ghidora turned into an evil Power Ranger and battling the Power Rangers. Then when the need arises, he can also change form or change size and go full kaiju and probably beat up Godzilla.

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