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Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble A Closer Look at the All-New Online Battle Modes “Race”, “Banana Hunt”, and Various Stages!

March 22, 2024 – SEGA has revealed more information about the game modes and stages available in Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch™ on June 25, 2024. Find out about learn how to rumble in Race and Banana Hunt; new game modes that appear in Battle Mode!

Compete with up to 15 friends, family, and players from around the world in Battle Mode, or tumble your way within the time limit across 200 new stages in Adventure Mode for the traditional Super Monkey Ball experience. Delve into a brand-new story, meet new characters, and play with up to 3 friends on one device at any time!

In Battle Mode, challenge up to 15 other players online around the world to a plethora of games.


Race is all about weaving past obstacles as you race to become the first player to reach the goal! With moving platforms, enormous seesaws, conveyor belts, and more standing in your way, it’ll take speed and wits to win the race.

Rose Tower
A stage where you’ll need to scale to the highest point of a tower overlooking a rose garden.

Some roads split into easier or harder paths. Taking the narrow shortcuts without falling will put you in the lead.

Parts of the pathway will also rise and fall, so you’ll need to expertly navigate through the course and use items to help you along the way.

Lightning Road
A stage where you’ll race at the speed of light in a straight dash to the finish line.

At the start, an enormous seesaw awaits – blast through it before it slows you down!

A number of conveyor belts will also hinder your path. The further you go, the narrower your path will become
– be careful not to fall!

Banana Hunt
In Banana Hunt, you’ll need to collect the most bananas before the timer runs out to be crowned the winner!
Sand Spiral
A stage featuring a whirlpool of sand at the center surrounded by rails.

The top of the stage grants you convenient access to other areas, allowing you to find more bananas—and
other rival players. Hold your ground there and don’t let the other monkeys push you around!

Banana Clouds can also be found in the monkey-themed plaza and will shower you with bananas, giving you extra points!

Cookie Tower
A three-tiered stage with three floors of action.

Test your skills with the launch pad on the bottom floor
-using it can even take you to the very top floor!

At the top of the stage is a blue portal that lets you move across wormholes connected to the other floors.
Use it to navigate your way through the tower and gather a hoard of bananas!

The game is out now on the Nintendo Switch and is distributed by SEGA!

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