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Dune Part Two Review

Here’s our Dune: Part Two Review as written by Vinni Misa! The film is now showing in theaters from Warner Bros Pictures!

Dune Part Two is the latter half of Denis Villenueve’s science fiction epic, adapted from Frank Herbert’s novel. Released nearly 3 years since, it picks up directly after the events of the first film. Where we follow Paul Atreides and his mother Lady Jessica as they learn the ways of the Fremen, following the hostile takeover of Arrakis by the Harkonnens.

The film feels very much like the post-intermission part of a Golden Age Hollywood epic. While the first film was very heavy on exposition, here the world building and set rules are finally in motion with the action packed set pieces set against the beautifully captured scenery of the Jordanian desert.

Dune Part Two gave me a better appreciation of the first film. But also, if you did love its predecessor to begin with, this film will reward you for your patience. I’m giving this film 8/10.

Catch it in IMAX when you can as its cinematography was a sight to behold. Thank you to Warner Bros. Philippines and SM Cinema for this screening.

2nd Take

Dune: Part Two had amazing moments and it was fitting that it got high marks on various review aggregator sites. The cast were exceptional especially the new ones including Florence Pugh and Austin Butler. I wasn’t prepared to see a more intimidating Christopher Walken too. Denis Villanueve sure did a great work with this masterpiece from the set design to the musical score. Everything in Dune Part Two just felt perfect. You can also expect great pacing in the film whether you’re familiar to the original novel or not. One thing that you need though is to do your homework and actually watch the first part which was no pushover either. 

I liked that while they were trying to wrap up Chalamet’s Paul Atreides arc for this world, it subtly set the stage for bigger things and to push further Paul’s messiah complex and fate. 

With Dune Part Two, I have to do a second (or even third) screening because there’s a lot of little things from the cast’s acting to visuals that really demands your attention. Yes, it’s that good. 

Zendaya and Chalamet’s characters also meshed extremely well here and the onscreen chemistry is there. This also pushes the envelope further on what Zendaya can do already as an actress. Meanwhile, we don’t even have to say anything for Chalamet who has already been doing great work in Hollywood by himself but mind you he’s not phoning it in either. As desert space Jesus, he’s got the looks and the charisma to back it up as this generation’s Paul Atreides.

I really don’t even have to praise the visuals for the film too because you’ll see for yourself how glorious space desert combat is at the hands of an iconic director and some wonderful cast. And you can really say that the Dune pictures carved out a little niche for itself in the world of sci-fi. No need to make to comparisons to other big franchises because it’s definitely happy with what it had. 

Speaking of, please don’t expect for Dune to have the same tone as Star Wars nor Star Trek. As I mentioned, its a different creature entirely. But you need to put this in your mantle of top tier sci-fi films because it finds the right amount of action, drama, romance and political intrigue. It has a more cerebral and subtle approach to doing politics as opposed to Star Wars where its clearly out and about. For Dune, you have to think deep and stick the pieces together to make it really work but at the same time, it doesn’t confuse you or leave you hanging.

I had a good time with Dune: Part Two and like I said, I’ll watch it again and will definitely give it high marks.


Special thanks to Warner Bros Pictures and SM Cinema for the invite to the screening!

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