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The Wizard of Oz celebrates 85th Anniversary with new Funko Pop figures

Would you believe that The Wizard of Oz is already celebrating its 85th anniversary this year and to mark the occassion, movie fans will be getting these nice The Wizard of Oz Pop figures with all the important characters.



Cowardly Lion

The Cowardly Lion also has the distinction of having the chase figure and it’s a metallic version of him.

Tin Man

The Wicked Witch


This wave will also feature the Wizard himself with the city of Oz in the background..

The Wizard of Oz Funko Pops are now on pre-order online at $11.99 with the Town pop with the Wizard priced at $29.99. all of these Pops are slated for release on May 2024.

You may want to also get your wallets ready with the upcoming Wicked live action adaptation because that too will spawn a bunch of movie related Funko Pops. Check out the trailer for Wicked below.

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