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Marvel Legends Zabu Wave officially revealed including the Marvel vs Capcom 2 version of Cable

Hasbro has recently revealed their Marvel Legends Zabu wave which is now on pre-order featuring a nice mix of different Marvel characters including the Marvel vs Capcom 2 version of Cable!!!

Check out some glam shots of each figure under the Zabu wave below


Well he doesn’t look like Richard Madden at all from the MCU Eternals and has more resemblance with He-Man but he’s definitely an alright figure to get for this wave.

Superior Iron Man 

When AXIS happened, the personalities of various heroes and villains shifted and we got the asshole Tony Stark who called himself the Superior Iron Man. This was a good short change for the character and I remember that it generated some positive buzz as well as one memorable moment when he removed Matt Murdock’s blindness for a bit before charging him an additional fee to continue being able to see.

Red Widow

I’m not that familiar with Red Widow and her history but I do know that she figured significantly during Jason Aaron’s run on the Avengers book. She was working with various organizations to ensure that the Avengers fell hard. Alas, after that run, we haven’t really seen her that much.


Wolfsbane finally gets a proper figure. We’ve been stuck with an alternate head for the Dani Moonstone figure for years already and she’s even wearing the 90s X-Factor costume that would really clear up the X-Factor Marvel Legends figure we’ve all been building. Now would be the time I guess to go and look for cheaper Strong Guy BAFs out in the secondary market.


I do believe this is an updated Marvel Legends Ka-Zar figure because I remember Hasbro released a box set featuring Ka-Zar from long ago. It was the SDCC 2008 figure which also had Shanna the She-Devil and Zabu. That was a limited run so not everybody got one of those. Thanks to Hasbro, everybody has a chance to get both lord Kevin Plunder and Zabu this time around.

Found on eBay

Black Winter

The Marvel Legends Black Winter Thor figure is pretty much the evil version of a recently released Thor figure based on Donny Cates’ run on the book. So the quick version of why Thor looks like this is that he got the power of the Black Winter when he was originally intent on stopping it from spreading across the galaxy. The figure looks great and menacing but I wouldn’t actively look for this. This also feels like this is going to be the entire wave’s peg warmer.


Saving the best for last, this is the other classic Cable figure a lot of collectors dream of having. This was the Cable we saw from Marvel vs Capcom 2 and this was the Cable I was fond of drawing when I was a kid because he was so easy to do. While I do wish we got some stuff like a big gun to simulate what he does in the classic Capcom game I’m still definitely getting this figure.

Zabu Build-a-Figure

Compared to the SDCC 2008 ML version, this Marvel Legends Zabu figure looks a lot better. We got better paint job, better sculpts and good lord I hope he has better articulation. For me this is also a good figure to hunt down or pre-order because it’s not everyday Hasbro develops and sells bigger animal figures. McFarlane has the finger on the pulse but this could be an indicator that Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series line could do more of these characters/ creatures.

And finally here’s a breakdown of each figure and the accompanying part to build Zabu.

Totally getting Cable and Wolfsbane to add to my X-Men stuff. Also looks like Superior Iron Man would be double packed in each box as he’s the one with no part packaged along.

So what are your picks for the Zabu wave from the Marvel Legends series? Leave a comment and follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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