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Meet the New Ultimates for the rebooted Ultimates ongoing

Marvel has revealed the cover to the first issue of the latest volume of The Ultimates book and it’s got an interesting powerhouse cast that mirror the lineup from the founding members!

This team will consist of:

  • Captain America
  • Kang / Iron Man
  • Sign
  • Thor
  • Doctor Doom
  • The Wasp
  • Giant-Man

And according to Marvel, this isn’t the only members of the premiere super team of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe.

The first volume of Ultimates was written by Mark Millar with artist Bryan Hitch and featured a more realistic and gritty team composed of most of the characters you see in the 2024 book minus the Hulk.

In line with Jonathan Hickman’s Ultimate Invasion book from 2023 the book will follow the storyline where things are picking up after The Maker’s defeat in that miniseries and the reveal that the evil Reed Richards tampered with the Ultimate Universe’s history thereby preventing the origin of Spider-Man and more.

Of course we already know that Peter Parker is back as Spider-Man and Black Panther is once again king of Wakanda.

Ultimates # 1 will be written by Deniz Camp and Juan Frigeri and coming to stores June 2024!


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