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See your kid’s #GiftedBrainInAction at The Gifted Brain Room by PROMIL

Book your slot now to join this breakthrough brain experience – at Robinsons Galleria officially opening on February 20 from PROMIL!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, FEBRUARY 2024 — Every mom prioritizes the overall growth of their kids, particularly the development of their brain. Understanding this, brain expert Wyeth Nutrition® Promil introduces its newest breakthrough innovation with the Gifted Brain Room.

Designed as an immersive and experiential installation that moms and their kids can enjoy and learn from, Promil’s Gifted Brain Room promotes the importance of brain stimulation to support proper brain development with activities specifically made for kids 3 to 7 years old to put their four brain developmental milestones – focus, memory, language, and problem-solving to the test. Celebrity moms Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff, and Kryz Uy got first dibs of the Gifted Brain Room experience during its media launch on the 4th floor of Robinsons Galleria last February 19.

“No day is the same for a mom of a highly inquisitive kid. Scottie never fails to surprise us with his different questions every day. Sometimes it leads me to wonder how he comes up with them. I am happy that Promil is providing us with this innovative experience at the Gifted Brain Room which will help a lot of us moms understand how our kid’s brain works even more” said Kryz Uy as she shared her and Scottie’s experience trying out Promil’s Gifted Brain Room for the first time.

Solenn on the other hand shared that the Gifted Brain Room not only helps moms see the kid’s overall skills, but also sets opportunities to nurture more for proper brain development, “It was an interesting experience not only for Tili but also for me especially when I saw how she was analyzing and understanding the different activities. The Gifted Brain Room helped me better understand her process of thinking and also see opportunities that we can nurture even more.”

“The Gifted Brain Room is not just for kids, but an enriching activity for the whole family as well. It is a different bonding experience all together. We learn more about our kids, while seeing their own set of strengths and capabilities,” Georgina shared to invite more moms to visit the Gifted Brain Room with their kids.

Promil’s Gifted Brain Room is an interactive experience that features four mission rooms made in collaboration with Mystery Manila. In these mission rooms, kids will go through different activities to test the 4 brain developmental milestones– focus, language, memory, and problem-solving. Participating kids will need to use their skills and wits to complete the challenges and earn four nutrient disks, namely, DHA, Lutein, Choline, and MOS+. These disks are needed to fulfill the ultimate goal, lighting up the Gifted Brain.

As the kids engage in these various tasks, they will be wearing the Gifted Brain Visualizer – a safe brain wave monitor expertly made in partnership with MyndPlay Ltd, a UK-based company that uses groundbreaking technology to provide and customize brain-based experiences for people all over the world. The Gifted Brain Visualizer uses 3 dry sensors on the forehead to measure the electrical brainwave activity, this is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a tablet allowing users to see their brainwave activity showing their level of focus, memory, language, and problem solving in real time as they go through the different activities in the Gifted Brain Room.

It safely measures brainwave signals and monitors the attention and relaxation levels while also allowing a user to interact with different exercises and games without causing any harm or side effects to the user. Through this, parents can see in real time which of the 4 brain developmental milestones are stimulated based on the different activities in the escape rooms.

After going through the different brain rooms, parents may get a copy of their kid’s gifted brain results to better understand where their kids excel and opportunities for improvement.

“Each and every one of us have different personalities, and it goes the same for how our minds work, no two minds are identically the same. We all think differently, and we use our different brain developmental milestones in various ways, some may think more creatively when doing an activity, while others may use more of their problem-solving skills when doing the same activity. Thus, it is important to understand how our brains work, which is why through the Gifted Brain Visualizer, parents can have a visualization of their kids’ gifts and learn more about opportunities for further development,” explained Dr. Shama Rhaman, neuroscientist.

The Gifted Brain Room strengthens Promil’s belief of nurturing the gifted brain to raise a gifted kid through proper brain stimulation together with a nutrition partner that provides clinically proven nutrients that can help double-up brain development. Apart from stimulating your kid’s gifted brain you can give him PROMIL ® with clinically proven DHA and MOS+ that helps support the four brain developmental milestones – memory, focus, language, and problem-solving or PROMIL GOLD ®, with Alpha-Lipids to help advance your kid’s gifted brain!

If you want to see your kid’s gifted brain in action, mark your calendars now as Promil’s Gifted Brain Room officially opens to the public at Robinsons Galleria on February 20, 2024.

See your kids’ #GiftedBrainInAction and book your slots today by signing up here: https://promil.mysterymanila.com/.

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