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Marvel will Publish What If… Aliens featuring Paul Reiser titled “What If… Carter Burke has lived?”

With this new synergy from Marvel and all the properties they’ve acquired through the 20th Century Fox merger, we are getting some unexpected crossovers like this recently announced title What If… Aliens with a five issue story titled “What If… Carter Burke has lived?”

Of course as Marvel fanboys and fangirls, we already know the idea of What If and how this will play out, only thing different is instead of Marvel characters, we’ll be following around characters from the Aliens film franchise which in this case is Carter Burke who was played by Paul Reiser decades ago.

Check out the covers below:

And to make this even more interesting, Marvel is actually having the actor who played Burke, Paul Reiser, co-write the story.

“For years, fans of James Cameron’s legendary Aliens questioned whether Carter Burke, a company man more hateable than the Xenos themselves, had actually survived the traumatic events on the terraforming colony Hadley’s Hope. Thirty-five years later, Burke is eeking out a cursed existence on a backwater asteroid. With his once-promising career in the toilet, Burke’s only remaining purpose in life is to care for his daughter, Brie. She hates him, probably for being a horrible person. And when she finds out what he’s up to now? It’s not going to be a friendly reunion. Has Burke learned his lesson, or is he about to get all of his companions killed again?”

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