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Resident Evil 4’s Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and Ashley Graham make their way to Tekken 8 via custom characters

Only a few days in and content creators and avid Tekken fans have already made some neat customized characters in Tekken 8 including several characters from Capcom’s hit game Resident Evil 4 and subsequently Resident Evil 4 Remake such as that survival horror game’s main character, Leon S. Kennedy.

Take a closer look at the Tekken 8 Resident Evil 4 custom characters after the cut.

Leon Kennedy

Whoever made this custom character made it off from Lars Alexandersson and its not far from Leon’s fighting pose in the actual Resident Evil game.



Ada Wong

The customized Ada Wong came from Tekken 8’s Nina Williams. Wouldn’t be surprised when this gets revisited when they release Nina’s sister Anna Williams down the road.

Ashley Graham

Apparently they used Reina for the base of the character which is should be fun and definitely a step up from the Ashley we met in both the original RE4 and the remake version that was released fairly recently.

Jack Krauser

Whoever made the customs also did a Jack Krauser which is very much based on Bryan Fury. In fact, even before this, you could already see the semblance between Krauser and Fury.

This could probably another reason for you guys to pick up Tekken 8 as the character creation/ customization is downright insane. The game is now out on Playstation 5,Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC via Steam!

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