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Arcane Season 2 Teaser, coming November 2024 on Netflix

Brace yourself for Arcane Season 2, coming to Netflix this November!!

Arcane season 2 is based on League of Legends from Riot Games. The series is animated by Fortiche Productions and created by Christian Linke, Alex Yee. The Netflix exclusive series will also expect the return of Hailee Steinfeld (Vi), Ella Purnell (Jinx) and Katie Leung (Caitlyn Kiramman) as well as some other cast.

Check out the trailer below:

And take note this new season could give the first season of Arcane a run for it’s money and that’s saying a lot because that season gave the title a total of four Primetime Emmy Award wins including:

  • Outstanding Animated Program
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation – Color
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation – Background Design
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation – Production Design

ARCANE also kicked ass and took names in the ANNIE AWARDs where it was nominated for, leading all titles overall with wins for Best TV/Media – General Audience; Best FX – TV/Media; Best Character Design – TV/Media; Best Direction – TV/Media; Best Production Design – TV/Media; Best Storyboarding – TV/Media; Best Voice Acting – TV/Media; and Best Writing – TV/Media. The series also won the inaugural Best Adaption category at The Game Awards.

And of course I just wanted to point out that the first season of Arcane also gave us this wonderful ditty:

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