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BSB Junrose Adds Schaeffler TruPower to Its Automotive Supplies Lineup

Fifty-five-year-old BSB Junrose initially distributes motorcycle lubricants from Schaeffler TruPower.

Manila, Philippines—BSB Junrose Corporation has welcomed another significant addition to its powerhouse lineup of global parts supplies brands it distributes to the local market. Schaeffler TruPower is a sub-brand of German automotive supplies manufacturer Schaeffler that has built its impeccable reputation in the global industry for over 75 years now.

The formal welcome coincided with the 55th year celebration of BSB Junrose, which has been the biggest local distributor of Schaeffler for many years now. Schaeffler TruPower is initially bringing its Motorcycle Lubricant to BSB Junrose stores nationwide. 

“The Schaeffler TruPower 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Lubricant is formulated to bring about advance performance,” said Micah Shepard, Schaeffler President for Automotive Aftermarket, Asia-Pacific and President in Southeast Asia/ Pacific Region. “Aligned with the Schaeffler premium brand, Schaeffler TruPower Lubricants commit longer life and maintained performance.”

Schaeffler TruPower advantage

Shepard emphasized the advantage of Schaeffler being a major supplier of bearings to global motorcycle manufacturers—from Harley-Davidson to Honda, Yamaha, and others. “Schaeffler TruPower has formulated and tested its lubricants to be optimized with our bearings, engine, and transmission products. That is why internal friction is significantly reduced, bringing about optimum motorcycle performance and lifespan,” he explained. 

Moreover, Shepard also underlined the importance of having a reliable distributor like BSB Junrose sharing proper know how to retailers. “Motorcycle owners may not always be familiar with maintenance products and supplies. It is always advisable for them to get guidance from a trusted retail shop manned by expert mechanics and people who have been trained to share technical guidance.”


“And of course, regular oil replacement or lubrication cycle should be observed. It is important to follow the regular maintenance schedule. Change filter and apply lubrication when necessary to help protect and prolong life of your vehicle,” Shepard added. 

Schaeffler and Schaeffler TruPower

Schaeffler TruPower was first launched in India in 2020 before it was introduced in the Asia-Pacific. Aside from lubricants, the sub-brand also plans to grow its range to other product lines. According to Shepard, Schaeffler TruPower would soon expand its lineup of distributed products by BSB Junrose.

Newly installed BSB Junrose President Ian Bangayan expressed gratitude upon formally welcoming Schaeffler TruPower to the company’s brand and product lineup. “We are happy to keep a strong business relationship with Schaeffler. The addition of Schaeffler TruPower extends that partnership that we look forward to maintain and further strengthen in more years to come. Our customers will surely benefit more from this,” he said. 


Growing motorcycle market

Schaeffler TruPower asserts that the Philippines is among its most important markets in the region. Based on latest data from the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA), about 1.56 million motorcycles and scooters were sold in the country in 2022. That number is projected to increase to about 1.6 million this year. 

The Philippines is currently ranked No. 2 in terms of highest annual sales of two-wheeled vehicles among ASEAN countries. According to MDPPA, Thailand is the No. 1 country with the highest motorcycle sales. Trailing behind the Philippines are Singapore and Malaysia (based on rankings generated in 2021). 

About BSB Junrose:

BSB Junrose Corporation is a leading player in the local automotive aftermarket industry. It is best known for redefining automotive aftermarket distribution in the country by introducing ‘uni-level distribution’ of the best auto parts and supplies while upholding quick service, high-quality of products, and competitive prices. 

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