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Marvel unveils new Iron Man Mysterium armor by Pepe Larraz for upcoming Invincible Iron Man ongoing

Marvel Comics has revealed a brand new Iron Man Mysterium armor by Pepe Larraz which may be the defacto armor for the Iron Man in his ongoing Invincible Iron Man books for 2024!

According to reports, this will be one of the more powerful armor that Tony Stark has created under the guidance of series writer Gerry Duggan who also happens to be writing the current X-Men book and was also responsible for the marriage of the X-Men’s Emma Frost to Tony Stark.

And guess what that connection also gave the writer some neat concepts to play with especially since Tony and Emma are working together to topple Orchis and get back the mutants who were lost during the events of Hellfire Gala (which Duggan also wrote). The super simplified version is that the mutants in Arakko were able to get this rare substance they dubbed Mysterium and that is how the mutants entered intergalactic economics and politics. By being the sole supplier of Mysterium in the universe they opened trade in Arakko and made them a significant power in such a short amount of time.

So it was definitely bound to happen that there would be a Mysterium armor.

Check out the rest of Pepe Larraz’s designs for the new Iron Man after the cut.

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