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Imago, Ebe Dancel Reveal New Collaboration “Magbabalik”

mago is going to end 2023 strong, dropping a comeback single “Magbabalik” featuring one of OPM’s finest vocalists today, Ebe Dancel.

The band’s latest masterpiece marks a significant milestone for Imago as it introduces their new vocalist, the former solo artist Kurei, whos’ also part of Soupstar Entertainment.

Written by Imago’s talented bassist, Myrene Academia, “Magbabalik” explores the theme of loss and redemption. Myrene shared, “When we made the demo for ‘Magbabalik,’ we thought it would be great to come and have Ebe sing with Kurei on it. The song is about losing things. Sometimes you just have to wait, and it comes back. Or, when you lose something, that’s just making space for something better.”

The collaboration with the former Sugarfree frontman, one of the country’s premier vocalists, was a natural fit for the band. Imago expressed their gratitude, stating, “We asked him, and thankfully Ebe said yes for the collaboration. The band said Ebe is one of the best singers around, and we are blessed to have him as a friend. We are happy to have him bring another layer of emotion to the single.”

The synergy between Imago with Kurei and Ebe Dancel elevates the easy-listening “Magbabalik” to new heights, creating a really new and vibrant sound that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The band is excited about the emotional depth that Ebe brings to the song, enriching its narrative and adding a unique dimension to their sound.

Imago worked with Tim Marquez and Kwarto Studios for the production of the song. The band commended Tim for completing the song beautifully and coaxing the best out of everyone in the band.

Don’t forget to stream “Magbabalik” and add it to your playlists!

Stream “Magbabalik”:

Spotify Lyric Video Audio Clip and Hi-res photos

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