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Hextech on your wrist! G-SHOCK x League of Legends and other CASIO collections set to release in October

 It’s a jam-packed holiday season for CASIO as it is expected to release five new collaboration models! 

CASIO proudly brings the G-SHOCK x TITAN 22, G-SHOCK x League of Legends, G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate, EDIFICE x HONDA TYPE-R, and BABY-G x LOONEY TUNES collaborations to the country. These will be available in official stores nationwide starting October. 

So, what can timepiece enthusiasts expect from these collections?

Basketball fans will surely love the limited edition DW-5600TIT23 which merges urban style, innovation, and street culture.

Basketball fans and sports enthusiasts have something new to look forward to as CASIO has recently unveiled the limited edition G-SHOCK x TITAN 22 in the DW-5600TIT23,the first-ever collaboration of the watch brand with basketball specialty concept brand, TITAN 22. The partnership merges urban style, innovation, and the dynamic essence of street culture. 

TITAN 22’s iconic lightning bolt signature logo adorns the watch face and strap while “For the Love of the Game” is engraved on the packaging, signifying the undying passion for the sport. The packaging also comes with the unique custom logo combining the G-SHOCK DW5600 watch face outline with TITAN 22’s lightning bolt emblem, accompanied by the inspiring inscription “World Champions,” which is also engraved on the watch’s rear and strap. The PHP 8,500 SRP shock-resistant collaborative timepiece boasts a 200-meter water resistance and electro-luminescent backlight along with other functionalities.

“League of Legends” and “G-SHOCK” are engraved in this collaborative collection of the watch brand and online game.

Another CASIO and G-SHOCK offering is the limited edition G-SHOCK x League of Legends. The GM-B2100 full-metal analog timepiece features the magical Hextech technology so important to the Runeterra world in League of Legends. The bezel and part of the band are finished with initial ion plating in a gold color, followed by black, which is then partially removed to create a worn, aged look. Effective blue touches on the LCD and elsewhere brings the Hextech fusion of magic, science and technology to the world of G-SHOCK. The Piltover coat of arms is engraved on a band piece, evoking the city where this magical technology was born. The watch, worth PHP66,160, will surely bring fans to the world of League of Legends!

The G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate DW-5600TOS23 captures the spirit of adventure.

If gamers have something to look forward to, the skaters also have one with the G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate Collaboration Masterpiece in the DW-5600TOS23! The collaboration of G-SHOCK and Temple of Skate, a collection of skate art illustrated by artist Tuck Wai, marries the distinctive artistic influences drawn from vintage skateboard graphics of the late ‘80s, Lowbrow art and Japanese art with the timeless CASIO G-SHOCK DW-5600 watch. The watch strap bears the tagline “THRILLS & SPILLS” while the EL backlight shows a smiley pumpkin, adding a dash of edginess to a skaters’ timekeeping experience. This collaboration model is a Southeast Asia exclusive priced at PHP 8,880 SRP.

Meanwhile, EDIFICE has also teamed up with Honda for the limited edition EDIFICE x Honda TYPE-R collection. The ECB-2200HTR, which is priced at PHP 33,270 SRP, prioritizes watch visibility, wearability, and comfortability. This collaborative model with a classy design is perfect for car enthusiasts who may lose track of the time on the road. It is made of alcantara leather with the TYPE-R design features, such as the HONDA red H emblem Championship and the white “TYPE-R” special logo. The historical vehicle numbers are also found on the band of the watch.

The EDIFICE x Honda TYPE-R model – ECB-2200HTR – for car enthusiasts who are always on the road.

CASIO also partnered with  Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products for the BABY-G x LOONEY TUNES collaboration. The watch face features a collage of Tweety’s many adorable expressions, and when the LED backlight is activated, his silhouette appears on the LCD. The back case is engraved with Tweety in his most iconic pose. This special edition watch also comes in an exclusive packaging. The PHP 8,510 watch also has a “TWEETY” logo printed on the band.

The new BGD-565TW’s retro colors and whimsical design are reminiscent of the cute, spirited image of the beloved character Tweety.

With these special collaborations, timepiece lovers will surely have a blast this season!


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CASIOGSHOCK/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gshock.philippines/

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 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@casiowatchesph?lang=en

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