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X-Men Blue Origins # 1 Finally confirms Nightcrawler’s Parentage AND Mystique’s Powers

Spoiler alert for X-Men Blue Origins # 1 written by Si Spurrier and Wilton Santos and Marcus To! And this time let’s just do a quick look at the biggest changes or retcon the issue is doing for characters like Mystique, Destiny and Nightcrawler!

OK before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

And you need to have a few stuff to understand about X-Men lore before we tackle the actual big reveals.

  1. Nightcrawler is “A” Spider-Man in NYC because he’s hiding from Orchis

2. Mystique has gone crazy because of what Xavier has done to her mind a few months prior during the Hellfire Gala incident

3. Destiny was brought back by the Five and the Quiet Council thanks to the events of Inferno and the manuevering of Mystique herself.

4. Nightcrawler is the son of rich guy Christian Wagner and Mystique

5. Azazel was later revealed to be the true father of Kurt Wagner.

6. Rogue really was treated like the daughter of Mystique and Destiny during their reunion.

OK so here’s where the fun stuff happens.

Some time after the fall of Krakoa aka Fall of X, Mystique turns up in New York blabbering about her baby and that she had left the baby in the woods. Nightcrawler knows that much and gets her to calm down using this new sword of his that also sort of fixes her mind to the point where she can talk sense once more and not be a violent killer. At this point we learn that the story that she had believed and told was not entirely true.

In fact Kurt’s whole reason for being born ties back to Azazel.

Anyway here’s the simplified version of the true parentage of Nightcrawler.

Destiny foresaw that without a child born to look at least like Azazel, he would succeed in conquering Earth together with his other kids as seen in the “Draco” storyline years ago.

And because she’s so good at manipulating her wife, Mystique kind of agrees to have a baby with Destiny. She’ll be the dad while Destiny aka Irene Adler will carry Kurt to term.

After this page, we get a sort of confirmation from Doctor Nemesis that Mystique wasn’t just a “shape shifter”. she was actually a “gene shaper”. She is able to shape her genes into whatever she wants and she’s become really good at it as she’s spent years hiding around as a male or female depending on the situation. So that means with that kind of level, she can ACTUALLY be a man and impregnate whoever the hell she wants, in this case, Destiny. She did however add, that she took on some sample of Azazel during the conception process to ensure that Nightcrawler will resemble Azazel for that showdown in the future.

Then when Christian Wagner found out about Destiny and Raven sleeping together, Raven dispatched him until she came to term. Well actually she just shifted to make it look like she’s pregnant but it was really Destiny.

And when Raven dropped her disguise, she was discovered by the doctor and the nurse who told the town which resulted in the lynch mob trying to kill them. A new color added to this classic story is that Destiny knew that she would be safe from encountering the angry mob so her priority was to get the mother and child to safety which did not happen alas.

So recap time:

  • Destiny is Kurt’s mom and Mystique is the dad
  • Kurt was really conceived by the pair to stop Azazel from taking over in the future
  • Mystique is a gene shaper meaning he can morph into a man and ACTUALLY be a man complete with reproductive tools and parts


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