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One Piece Chapter 1098 – the sad fate of Ginny

Let’s talk about the sad fate of Ginny which was the main point of One Piece chapter 1098.

In this chapter we find out that Ginny has been captured by the world government and Monkey D Dragon and Bartholomew Kuma of the Revolutionary Army has failed to get her back. They have won the war but Ginny was lost to them with them having no idea where she was sent off to.

Two years after her abduction she manages to get in touch with Dragon but there’s a caveat, that being she’s about to die.

What’s worst is that in the two years that she was missing, she was apparently married off to a Celestial Dragon and she bore a child which happens to be Bonney.

When she contracted the disease known as Sapphire Scales, which many think is worse than what Trafalgar D. Water Law had when he was a kid, she was immediately cast aside and brought down together with Jewelry Bonney who was just a baby at the time. The sickness can kill a person too if they get exposed to sunlight, which is what Ginny did to be able to bring Bonney to Sorbet Island.

By the time Kuma reached Ginny in Sorbet Island, she was already dead.

It’s a depressing thought to think of what happened to Ginny. Oda may have saved us the grief by not illustrating the years that Ginny was with her husband. Reading those panels alone is heartbreaking too considering that Kuma thought that he would have Ginny by his side forever. Again we are saved from sadness by glossing over these moments especially from Kuma’s POV. What he could have gone through while fighting with the “Freedom Fighters” and worrying about her. 

This also makes these panels from One Piece chapter 1097 all the more impactful..

To top it all off, he eventually ends up becoming a cyborg, losing his humanity and is currently being pursued by Akainu. 

Poor guy. 

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