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The Whole Lhea Bernardino vs Cosplayers Issue Simplified

With so much happening today, I completely forgot to discuss this. So before I go to Tiktok and do a video version, let’s discuss the Lhea Bernardino vs cosplayers issue. Mind you I will not sound off on this but just present the “resibo”.

Ok for starters, streamer and influencer Lhea Bernardino went to ESGS 2023 and obviously had pictures with cosplayers in attendance. That includes this Satoru Gojo cosplayer which she later posted on her social media page with the caption “Gojo but different”.

And then the comments section lit up with her own comments.

And then that’s when various cosplayers began commenting on the now deleted post, stating that the comment might be detrimental for the cosplayer. That this could be seen as a mockery which should not sit well with anybody. Plus the influencer’s followers have also begun leaving less than appealing comments about the Satoru Gojo cosplayer.

Her comment was a reference to the apparent death of Gojo during his fight with Ryomen Sukuna in the more recent chapters of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Bernardino later commented and deleted the post…


So there’s the issue in a nutshell.

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