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Filipino R&B star JP Bacallan drops “Señorita,” his debut single under Sony Music Entertainment

The sultry banger shows admiration over someone’s irresistible charm

Filipino newcomer JP Bacallan swoons over someone’s beauty on Señorita,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

With soulful vocals sliding down effortlessly on a delicate mix of Latin-inspired grooves, acoustic guitars, and sensuous percussions, the R&B single shows JP Bacallan at his most confident, showcasing the versatility of his instrument. 

The budding singer-songwriter dedicates the track to someone dear to his heart. “I want to lift her up and let her realize how precious she is to me,” says the charismatic crooner. “I personally wrote this song as my way of expressing appreciation.”

Produced by his constant collaborator Nexxfriday, “Señorita” projects an energy that is undeniably charming but filled with so much passion and soul. From the moment the instrumentation drops, it becomes even clearer that the song will set fire to the dancefloor and encourage every listener to join in the ecstatic fun.

“Our normal process for creating a song is that he will give me the beat, and once I feel the vibe, I will write down all my thoughts,” JP Bacallan shares.

“Señorita” is the official debut project of JP Bacallan under Sony Music Entertainment. Before getting signed by a major record label, Bacallan has racked up close to a hundred million views on YouTube. He has worked with some of the biggest names in Pinoy hiphop, including Gloc-9 and Pricetagg. The Pasig-based artist also made a strong impression on mainstream television as one of the contestants of Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan, where he wowed the audience with his compelling singing style and sultry tone.

JP Bacallan’s “Señorita” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. 

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