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TRENDING: Lola Amour apologizes for Raining in Manila Teaser after online backlash over context

The band Lola Amour is currently going through some Internet bashing after some individuals online shared their displeasure over the band’s “Raining in Manila” teaser trailer which was posted on social media yesterday!

The band initially released a 30-second teaser for the long-awaited music video for their hit song directed by Marius Talampas

And here are some of the comments about the music video:

Here are some of the comments from that thread:

“No. Not this. Huhuhu. You ruined the song with this MV.”

“I hope you are not romanticizing our suffering kapag mga ganitong sakuna. I was rooting for you

“Are the lola amour members from the green or blue school because if yes, it would explain a lot”

After the negative comments, the band’s Twitter published this reply:

Still it’s a divisive topic because there are also Internet users and X users who think that the band shouldn’t apologize for anything especially for their music video:

“nagiiyakan nanaman yung mga pawoke wala siguro magawa sa bahay lol good job sa mv Lola Amour!”

“nothing wrong with the vid. just the real raining in manila. i’ll wait for the MV later.good job guys.

to you guys out there, tusukin nyo mata nyo kung ayaw nyong makita ang pangit na reyalidad kapag umuulan sa maynila.”

“I think they tried to match the music video to the cheerful nihilism of the song that subtly talks about the Filipino diaspora. It’s like “we’re still swimming in the same shit while you’ve gone to greener pastures but we’re still trying to be happy and resilient.”

“Y’all don’t need to explain yourselves!! there are self-serving “righteous” people here in this platform who, no matter what you do, you can never please. Great teaser btw!”

“Hoy mga mema sa twitter, bago kayo magreact panuorin niyo muna lest you embarrass yourselves lmao”

But what do you think?

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