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VST ECS CXO Tech Summit 2023 Returns for its sixth year in Cebu

VST-ECS is now in its sixth year and returns this year with a new venue, the beautiful Cebu for the CXO Tech Summit 2023.

This prestigious tech summit was opened with Mr. Jimmy Go who welcome each and everybody to the event especially the DICT director Emmy Lou Delfin.

During this speech, Mr. Go spoke about the continuous movement of digital transformation, reminding us that it is not a one-time event but instead should be treated as an “ongoing journey”. The term “phygital convergence” was also brought up which is something interesting as the word means a blurring between the digital and the physical world, something that continues to happen everyday whether we notice it or not.

Mr. Go continues by telling us that we are at the highest point when it comes to technological revolution.

One of the biggest topics that tech enthusiasts should look forward to at the CXO Tech Summit 2023 would have to be generative AI which trickles down to topics and software like ChatGPT and other similar AI products. These tools have been proven to be almost ubiquitous and that includes brands like Microsoft who is using the platform to launch their latest product the CoPilot.

Gartner also predicts that in 7 years or so there could be at least 80% of humans interacting with smart robots on a daily basis.

Its also been noted during the welcoming speech that machine learning together with Artificial Intelligence or AI have become integral with services offered by major companies. A mere decade ago, we were learning to communicate with machines. Today, machines understand and adapt to our language, erasing the boundaries between humans and technology.

Of course the IT infrastructure needs to be modernized and in constant state of improvement. This is why organizations have embraced the latest trends including Multi Clouds, Quantum computing, Data explosion, RPA, Generative AI, and more. Investments in Connectivity solutions, Digital Infrastructure, Cloud technologies, Cybersecurity, Big data, Storage, Automation, and Collaboration tools remain vital to prepare for the ever-evolving Tech landscape. In the Israel-Hamas and Ukraine-Russia war, Technology plays a very important & critical role in their war strategies. Computers, AI, Starlink and drones are heavily used in their strategies.

Here’s the rest of Mr. Jimmy Go’s statement as he opened the summit.

The data center systems market ranks No. 5 on Gartner’s list of IT spending markets, expected to increase 3.7 percent in 2023. Data center systems sales this year will reach $224 billion, according to Gartner data. This is is expected to increase by 6.1 percent year over year in 2024.  In the Philippines we see a surge of Data Center builds and Investments by many companies in Metro Manila, Mandaue, Cainta, and many other places.

The device industry will return to positive growth in 2024. Gartner expects device spending to increase by 11 percent year over year in 2024 to $759 billion. New Generative AI software might require faster devices as well.

Business spending on software isn’t showing any signs of slowing down next year either. In fact, Gartner predicts the software industry will grow at a faster rate than any other IT segment in 2024.

Spending on software is expected to increase over 13 percent year over year in 2024, surpassing over $1 trillion in spending.

Spending on IT services is expected to increase to over $1.50 trillion, which would represent an annual growth increase of 10.2 percent.

These forecasts affirm that IT will continue to serve as a catalyst of change, propelling innovation and growth even in the face of broader economic challenges.

Equally important, cybersecurity is moving at an unprecedented pace. Cybercriminals are now leveraging AI to orchestrate sophisticated attacks, such as social engineering schemes, data poisoning, and deepfakes. For cybersecurity professionals, AI provides more precise attack detection, reducing false positives and enabling responses based on real-world risks.

As CIOs and technology leaders, it is our responsibility to take a proactive stance in securing these intelligent systems. We need to know the latest Technologies and latest Trends.  Our duty extends beyond safeguarding traditional IT infrastructure to ensuring the robust security of devices that are an integral part of our daily lives. This involves continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities and incorporating security as a fundamental aspect of system design.

Our role transcends the title of CIO; we are the protectors of the digital world, where human-machine interactions occur seamlessly. In this new era, our responsibility extends beyond the boundaries of our organizations to safeguard the privacy, security, and well-being of individuals.

In conclusion, we find ourselves at a crossroads where disruptive and transformative technologies are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. The importance of Technology in the success of a company cannot be overstated. From enhancing efficiency and productivity to improving customer service, from expanding global reach to fostering innovation, technology is the cornerstone upon which modern businesses thrive. It’s not a matter of whether we should embrace technology, but rather how we can harness it most effectively. In this digital age, it is the companies that embrace and adapt to technological advancements that will stand as pioneers in their respective industries.

Let us recognize and celebrate the invaluable contribution of our CIOs in driving innovation, competitiveness, and the overall success of our organizations.

The role of the CXO is pivotal in navigating the complex and fast-paced technological landscape of today’s business world. As technology continues to evolve, so does the importance of this role in ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of a company.

At VST ECS, we are committed to standing by your side, providing unwavering support and solutions that empower you to meet these challenges with confidence and seize the opportunities with enthusiasm. We recognize that the heart of any technological evolution is the people, and our mission is to ensure that these innovations enhance and enrich your lives.


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