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Razer Cobra Pro Review

Here’s my Razer Cobra Pro Review which is the latest addition to Razer‘s ever expanding line of gaming mouse products. It’s now out in stores as well as on Shopee and Lazada with SRP of PHP 7,995!



So for starters, there are three ways you can use this gaming mouse. You can use it either in the following forms:



Bluetooth Wireless

USB Wireless

The slowest of the three would have to be the bluetooth wireless although if you want to just chill around with a good mouse, then the Razer Cobra Pro is still an enjoyable piece of peripheral to use.

You can pair the mouse with a total of 2 devices and can also run on rechargeable battery built into it with the USB Type C port.

If you want to conserve the mouse’s juice, then you’ll be glad to know that it also has an on/ off switch located at the bottom.

The same design also makes for superior gliding experience and the entire bottom area is also made of virgin grade PTFE.

Also forgot to mention that they get bonus points for coming up with this design.




Gamers would get a kick from the matte coating finish and RGB design lighting for this gaming mouse. The matte finish is matte but at the same time still feels plastic. The classic Razer logo is found in the bottom part of the mouse and also features a total of 11 customizable RGB zones. It’s quite nice to see the RGB lights on the scroll wheel area and of course the mouse’s bottom giving this an underglow effect.




While writing this Razer Cobra Pro review, I just realized how it fills out all the boxes I have when it comes to a gaming mouse. It’s super lightweight with a default weight of 76.7 grams and it’s back heavy meaning you can definitely use this for more serious gaming moments whether its for competitive esports situations or a really drawn out Valorant match with your friends online. For me, this works but there might be a demographic who wants a different feel to their gaming mouse so best move on from this.

If you’re a fan of the recently released Razer Viper Mini then you’ll also enjoy using the Cobra Pro which tends to share the same design with some changes here and there including the mouse’s length of 4.7″ and width of 2.5″ is just perfect for me and my average sized hands. It could be a challenge for people with smaller or bigger hands but if you have the right size, it’s perfect.

And yes, it’s also equally great when you’re left handed…

Still on the subject of comparison with the Viper Mini, this product is longer and wider compared to the initial model and also features a comfortable rubber grip on both sides that are quite durable.

razer cobra pro review thefanboyseo


This gaming mouse has all the makings of a good quality mouse; I would expect nothing from Razer too. It hit the right spot when it comes to the finish which is smooth but not slippery with an overall matte finish. There are creaking sounds from my constant use but only when you put too much pressure on the mouse’s bottom part; otherwise, it glides perfectly fine.

The number of buttons can be a bit overwhelming (a whopping 8 buttons) especially for first time users but you will definitely get used to it. The 2 side buttons also made things easier whether its browsing or gaming. And to make things sweeter, there’s also 18 programmable inputs and a profile switching button designed for the Cobra Pro. Speaking of programmable, do note that there should be one button that is set as the “primary click button”. Go crazy on which the primary button would be though so that’s something fun to play around with.

These buttons are also using the Gen-3 optical switches making them a hell of a lot durable. In some stores online, Razer’s pretty bold with the claim that the switches in the Razer Cobra Pro have a lifespan of 90 million clicks. Something unheard of but I trust the brand fully with that claim.

Mouse Wheel


This mouse has a rubberized scroll wheel with small bumps for added grip. The scroll click button has a satisfying tactility and doesn’t take too much force to activate. Scrolling feels precise, and each step feels very well-defined. There’s also a relatively quiet but noticeable noise made between steps.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to get a good gaming mouse this year, please let it be the Razer Cobra Pro. It’s got the pedigree and the standard price range for a Razer but it gives back to you ten fold what you should expect. It works either way you want it as a wired gaming piece, a bluetooth mouse or a USB receiver type. It’s very light and compact but at the same time heavy in the parts where it needs to be. It’s soft to touch and fully customizable and they even take care of you when it comes to the scroll wheel.

The Cobra Pro from Razer is currently out now in stores with SRP of P7,995!

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